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If I had a trophy to give away for the most improved artist, that trophy would have to go to againstbound.  Hector has become of my favorite tee artists of all time, and his work is constantly improving. When I think that I’ve seen the best work from him, he goes and tops it with an even better creation. I remember when I felt so-so towards his art a little over a year and a half ago. Now, it’s pretty much impossible for me to not love his latest designs!

When I heard that againstbound was going to have his third print with Tilteed, I was ecstatic! “Vinyl Frontier” is the name, and this illustration is just plain awesome. If you like music, space-related stuff, or just anything cool in general, then you should definitely check out this sweet new addition to the Tilteed catalog.

Vinyl Frontier” will only be $12 for about 13 more hours at Tilteed (it will go up to $18 after that), so act fast if you love this design and want a nice discount for being one of the first to pick it up! As always, you can use the code “LovingThisTee” to save $2.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for all-over print tees. This new tee that just dropped at Imaginary Foundation is absolutely beautiful! It’s titled “Astrosurf,” and since summer is just around the corner, Imaginary Foundation has perfect timing with this print. The color of the water is crisp and blue, and you’ll be sure to catch anyone’s attention walking down the street with this shirt on. Just watch this little astronaut rip! This is quite an inspiring design, and for me it induces a sense of accomplishment. It has me saying “Anything is possible!” Imaginary Foundation is known to have astronauts in many of its designs, and they continue to put out creative setting after creative setting for each astronaut.

Astrosurf by Imaginary Foundation

Astrosurf by Imaginary Foundation

Be sure to head over to the Imaginary Foundation shop to pick one up!
$30 at Imaginary Foundation – available in men’s and women’s sizes

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