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In case you haven’t yet heard, Design by Humans is having a pre-holiday sale until Sunday, November 1, at midnight! All tees are $15-$19! Along with having tees as low as $15, shipping is also free throughout the month of October. Pick up your favorite tees today while this deal is still good!

Since when did Blue Whales get into law enforcement? I wouldn’t risk committing a crime now because that’s one gigantic policeman. Looks like the tides have turned for this Killer Whale. If he makes a wrong move, he’ll be the one to leave injured, despite his name. Recently printed at Tilteed, “Stop or My Whale Will Shoot” by Jublin is a design concept that I never would have visualized. I wonder what the inspiration was for this one of a kind illustration. I can’t wait to wear this tee and see people’s reactions! If you are digging this odd but unique design like I am, you can pre-order it at Tilteed for the low price of $12 until Tuesday. Also, don’t forget to use the coupon code LovingThisTee at checkout to get $2 off your purchase!

Hamburger Disco, Hamburger Disco, Hamburger Disco! What a fun brand name to say! The folks over at Hamburger Disco have just released some new tees, including one that’s out just in time for Halloween. “Freaky Friday,” available in both men’s and women’s versions, shows a hamburger-headed chef bringing out a plate with a human head cooked to perfection. Since there is blood around the chef’s neck, I’m wondering if he somehow managed to chop off his own head, only to replace it with a nice, juicy burger. Either that or hamburgers are a human-like species of their own in the world of Hamburger Disco! I love the style of the illustration and its large size on the tee. This makes for a wonderful, non-gruesome shirt that everyone can wear on Halloween and year-round. Head over to the Hamburger Disco store to pick up “Freaky Friday” for $24, and be sure check out their other refreshing designs!

For one day only, Threadless has slashed the prices of its Halloween-related tees down to $10! Hurry, because this deal only lasts until tomorrow morning! Which tees will you pick up for this festive holiday?

Lowdtown Friends & Freaks has recently launched its new line, consisting of five fresh short-sleeve tees and one baseball tee. My favorite design from this line is, hands down, “Insatiable.” This tee features the mouth from Lowdtown’s soda can logo blown up to insanely large proportions. In addition to the gigantic size of the image, printing with red ink on a white background truly makes the design pop, and I wouldn’t have wanted to see it presented any other way. If you’re a sucker for bold tees like I am, then be sure to check out “Insatiable” along with Lowdtown’s other offerings. You can also use the coupon code lovingthistee to take 10% off your purchase!

In the world of t-shirts, no other company makes cuter food tees than Loyal Army. Many of the items are geared towards a female audience, but there are some products for guys, kids, and even dogs! I recently received a hilarious tee involving a stack of buttermilk pancakes. Along with the t-shirt, there were also two Loyal Army postcards and a cute iron-on patch. With all of the smiling faces in the goodies, it was difficult to resist smiling myself!

Hot Mess” features a little piece of butter that says “I’m a hot mess!” You can’t look at a shirt like this and not smile at least a little! I’ve always been a fan of Loyal Army characters, and I have to say that this stack of pancakes is one of my favorites. The piece of butter definitely makes the design funny, and I personally think that it all comes down to its single big tooth. Such a small detail has gone a long way in this design. I love the simplistic drawing style in this piece, as with other Loyal Army products, and it emphasizes the silliness of the illustration.

The shirt itself is a nice heather red color, something that I haven’t encountered before. It’s also super soft! The fabric is somewhat thin and “Hot Mess” seems more like a summer t-shirt, but I would say that it still has some weight to it and would be good layered with a hoodie in the fall season. This Loyal Army tee also has a more relaxed fit than American Apparel shirts (at least for the guys’ version), so if you usually order a size up with AA, I don’t think that it would be necessary with Loyal Army.

The ink is nice and lightweight. Neither the shirt nor the ink faded after wash and the tee still looks wonderful, just as when it arrived in the package. Once again, I want to strongly emphasize how soft this tee is. It feels so great!

You can pick up “Hot Mess” at Loyal Army in both women’s and men’s sizes for $19.50 and $21.50, respectively. There are plenty of designs to brighten up your day, so check out the Loyal Army shop today!

410 BC has just put up an amazing new tee titled “From the Black Lagoon” for pre-order.  This design features the classic movie monster from Creature from the Black Lagoon and portrays him as a civilized being who is busy reading a book while smoking a pipe. It’s wonderful to see a break from the newest line’s direction, since I am a huge fan of unique characters. This tee also features a large back print that adds to the design and ties it all together. You can pre-order “From the Black Lagoon” for $15.99 at the 410 BC Big Cartel shop, 50% off the normal retail price when it officially drops! And remember to use the code “LTT” to take an additional 10% off on top of that! Only 25 people will be lucky enough to purchase the tee on pre-sale, so be sure to act fast.

One of my favorite tees at this moment is “Get A Job” from Tilteed. I spent most of my money on cup noodles this summer when I stayed at college to do research, so it’s fitting that I wear a shirt that shows my love for these microwavable meals. Although I had a job, it was unpaid, so this shirt speaks to me even more.

Within the past few months, Tilteed has become one of my favorite t-shirt sites. Many of the designs that have been printed so far are fantastic, but what has reeled me in is the incredible print job. As a company that does all of its screen printing, I am blown away by the quality. All of the Tilteed designs are printed on American Apparel shirts, so you cane be sure that you’re purchasing high-quality tees.

In comparison with the mock-up, the ink colors are spot-on and the details are well-printed. Although many of the details within “Get A Job” are somewhat minimal and only require that a color be absent, they are still well-defined when you look closely at the shirt. The print area is a bit smaller than as shown in the mock-up, but the graphics still take up a good portion of the tee.

In terms of ink quality, the print feels light and smooth. The ink is neither thick nor clumpy, and there have been no signs of cracking or fading with several washes. With such a large print size, it’s crucial that the print is flexible and somewhat soft. “Get A Job” definitely delivers on both counts. I enjoy wearing this t-shirt and the shirt rests well on the body.

Since this is one of my favorite shirts of all time, I would highly recommend that you pick it up! You can purchase “Get A Job” at Tilteed for $18 and score some free shipping with the coupon code “LovingThisTee.” Be sure to check out their other tees too! New tees are released every Tuesday and are on sale for the small price of $12 until the next new design is up for sale.

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