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It is always a pleasure to see many members of the t-shirt community come together to produce one massive collaboration design.  Over 35 individuals participated in the making of Teefury’s “Monster Collab”, and Jimi (a.k.a. jimiyo) was kind enough to arrange everyone’s creatures into a cohesive design. The design is printed on a navy blue Alstyle tee, which is a comfortable brand based on prior experiences. Everyone’s monster looks fantastic, and this shirt is just plain fun!

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Whale of a Bath Time!” by Marco a.k.a Smoking has caught my eye ever since it went up for voting at Threadless. It earned a 3.41 out of 5  over 4 months ago. Why it hasn’t been printed there, I do not know. I have been waiting and waiting to see it get printed and was pleasantly surprised when it debuted in this week’s Teextile lineup.

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410 BC has just released a limited edition t-shirt called “More Is Less.”  I haven’t seen this color combination on shirts before, but let me just say that it is definitely fresh. With a bold tee like this, you will surely get noticed!

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Although I am, and have always been, quite horrible at the vast array of Mario video games, I still love seeing references made to them. This week’s Threadless releases includes one tee that takes Mario’s use of mushrooms to another level.

Magic Mushrooms”  by Ian Summers is a parody depicting Toad as a drug dealer and Mario as a sketchy buyer. The whole scene is shady, as the transaction between Toad and Mario occurs in a poorly lit alleyway. There are some key elements in the background, such as the pipe and the Goomba-like figures that help add to the Mario theme of the illustration.

I guess that the ratio of mushrooms to number of boxes punched is simply too low. Maybe Mario does not even get larger in size after eating a mushroom. Perhaps what we see on the television screen as we play the game is merely a figment of Mario’s imagination. Castles to defeat? Princesses to save? Could it all just be one big trip? I cannot answer any of these questions, but I do know that Super Mario Brothers will be even more fun to play after having seen this shirt. Time to get out the Super Nintendo!

Don’t delay picking up “Magic Mushrooms” at Threadless. It is a hot seller, and some of the guys’ sizes are already on special order!

$18 at Threadless

This past Monday evening, West Potomac Academy in Alexandria, VA, was fortunate enough to have guest speaker John Earle, founder of Johnny Cupcakes, stop by for a presentation. Earle is an entrepreneur who has a success story like none other. Ever since he was in grade school, Earle always found ways to make money, whether it was to sell little prank toys (i.e., whoopee cushions, itching powder) or candy in school. After high school, he invested in a button maker and made pins to sell at schools and concerts. They were a big hit, and he made quite a profit. However, his best idea was yet to come.

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Since SEIBEI kicked off their 25% sale today, I have decided to write about this classic tee called “Sandwich Dinosaur.” I know that many of you may already be familiar with this bossy dino telling you to make him a sandwich, but months and months after seeing the design, I am still in love with it. The fuchsia/green combination continues to be my favorite out of what David Murray offers in his store, but there are plenty of other color schemes to choose from! This simple design is just perfect. It is to the point, and the dinosaur has a ton of attitude. By wearing this, it is as if you are telling others to make you sandwiches–a message that I definitely approve of!

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What can I say? I’m a sucker for all-over print tees. This new tee that just dropped at Imaginary Foundation is absolutely beautiful! It’s titled “Astrosurf,” and since summer is just around the corner, Imaginary Foundation has perfect timing with this print. The color of the water is crisp and blue, and you’ll be sure to catch anyone’s attention walking down the street with this shirt on. Just watch this little astronaut rip! This is quite an inspiring design, and for me it induces a sense of accomplishment. It has me saying “Anything is possible!” Imaginary Foundation is known to have astronauts in many of its designs, and they continue to put out creative setting after creative setting for each astronaut.

Astrosurf by Imaginary Foundation

Astrosurf by Imaginary Foundation

Be sure to head over to the Imaginary Foundation shop to pick one up!
$30 at Imaginary Foundation – available in men’s and women’s sizes

Why hello there, t-shirt enthusiasts! I’m here ready to report on some of the shirts out there that I love. Now I know that there are plenty of shirt blogs out there, but I just couldn’t resist this desire to start a blog about the world of t-shirts any longer. From the design to the feel of the fabric, every little thing about t-shirts keeps me craving more. There’s nothing better than discovering a new design that makes you go, “I need that in my closet.”

Starting Monday, I will be posting bi-weekly (at the least) about tees, with one tee per post, and exactly what I love about them. And every other week or so, I will be posting a video review, along with pictures, of the featured shirt.

I hope that many of you will get to see some tees that you’ve never seen before, and I look forward to seeing your thoughts on the shirts in the comments! You can also find me over on Twitter, where I post some up-to-date deals (@LovingThisTee).

This is Loving This Tee – Loving the t-shirt industry, one tee at a time.

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