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Mathiole and bisparulz take the cake for the coolest monster formed by little monsters! “Ultimate Midnight Monster!” is today’s Shirt of the Day at Design By Humans, and it is a well-deserved win. While the composition is already awesome, the colors are what bring this design to life. Although he’s a gigantic monster, you can’t help but find him lovable. Just look at all those little smiling faces!

You can purchase “Ultimate Midnight Monster!” for $24 at Design By Humans. I’m considering picking up this tee myself!

If you love mystery tees, then you might be happy to hear that Johnny Cupcakes now has mystery items in the shop! The Magical Mystery Selection is priced at $50, and you’re guaranteed to receive at least one major item and a few accessories or promotional items. This is the list of things that you could receive in your mystery package, according to the site: Random leftover tour shirts, hats, ties, pins, poster; Previous online exclusives; Previous SITCM t-shirts; Wallets; Collaboration T-Shirts; Gloves and hats; Movie poster; Glow keychain; Sample t-shirts; Old event flyers & posters. The product page even says that if you’re lucky, they’ll toss in a couple of tees in your package!

This $50 deal is available for both guys and girls. If you’re thinking about picking up a mystery package, I’d suggest doing it sooner than later, as I have a hunch that sizes will run out quickly. Head over to the Johnny Cupcakes shop for more information about this great deal!

-Random Leftover Tour Shirts, Hats, Ties, Pins, Poster

-Previous Online Exclusives

-Previous SITCM T-Shirts


-Collaboration T-Shirts

-Gloves And Hats

-Movie Poster

-Glow Keychain

-Sample T-Shirts

-Old Event flyers & Posters

& More…

It’s been a while since my last product review, but this is the first of several that are going to be posted within the next few weeks. Today’s post is about a tee from Poli Graphic Design called “Power Trio.” If you haven’t guessed it yet, it’s another sweet design by againstbound. His style is so unique and distinct, something that I love.

I haven’t seen too many yellow shirts on the market, so this was a real treat. Printed on a lemon American Apparel tee, this seven-color illustration came out beautifully! Read the rest of this entry »

I really love the new direction that Stheart Clothing (pronounced “start”) has taken. One of my favorites from their collection is a fresh take on their logo called “Geace 2.0.” When I saw this piece, I had a hunch that it was the work of againstbound. After surfing the web a bit, I learned that I was correct in my assumptions. I guess that I’m just drawn to his work, but that’s not a bad thing.

This logo shirt is great in that it exceeds your expectations of logo merchandise. There’s enough going on in the illustration for one to think that there’s a deeper meaning behind the piece. And maybe there is, but looking at it as a logo tee makes it one of the best logo shirt that I’ve ever come across. The colors and the composition work together so well. In short, “Geace 2.0” is fantastic and I really need this tee for my wardrobe!

You can purchase “Geace 2.0” at Stheart Clothing for $19.95. Sizes are quite limited, but I thought I should still share such an amazing tee with you.

I’ve heard of the saying “it’s raining cats and dogs,” but I haven’t heard “it’s raining frogs” before. Bruised Bear gives us another take on the phrase with a tee covered in little green amphibians called “Covered in Frogs.” Luckily, the classy gentleman who’s standing there remembered to bring an umbrella. No frogs are going to land on his head today!

You can purchase “Covered in Frogs” at Bruised Bear for $20. Use the coupon “LOVINGTEE” at checkout to take 10% off.

Comfy couch? Check. Big headphones? Check. Some sweet, sweet tunes to write to? Check. Alright, now I’m ready to share my thoughts about the newest OMUNKY product!

MUNKY-Rhythm” is the latest addition to the OMUNKY line, and it’s now my favorite tee from the shop. I love music and I love a great t-shirt, so “MUNKY-Rhythm” fits the bill perfectly. This design features none other than a monkey listening to some tunes on his swanky new headphones. He looks like he’s really grooving to the beat.

But wait… The headphone jack isn’t even plugged in! Looks like someone’s too busy listening to the music inside his head to even notice. As long as it’s good imaginary music, I won’t judge.

Go grab “MUNKY-Rhythm” for $22 at OMUNKY, and save 15% by using the code “LOVINGTHISTEE” at checkout. Five percent of your purchase will be donated to WildAid. Awesome, right?

Yellow Bellied Bastard” is the fantastic new Limited design available at Tilteed. Wotto is definitely the king of doodle tees, and “Yellow Bellied Bastard” does not disappoint. If you loved last year’s bestselling “Guilty Pleasures,” then you’re definitely going to dig this new follow-up design!

Here’s a closer look at the illustration:

As a bonus for purchasing this tee, Tilteed is running a contest in which everyone who buys “Yellow Bellied Bastard” will be entered to win one of Wotto’s original 8″ x 8″ paintings (valued at $100). The winner will get to select one painting from any of the available works from Wotto’s 100 Paintings Project. How incredible is that? This contest blows my mind! And just to give you an example of the paintings, here are a few:

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Tilteed and pick up “Yellow Bellied Bastard” for just $12 before it disappears into the archive tomorrow afternoon. Make sure to use the coupon code “LovingThisTee” at checkout to save $2 on your order.

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