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Watch out! It’s the gigantic Manteater coming to destroy us all!!!

Tilteed, Manteater, anteater, meme, Sven Palmowski, a.mar.illoOkay, so not really, but this manteater is causing some serious damage in this city. If this anteater looks a bit familiar, it may be because you’ve seen him in the popular “FU I’m an anteater” internet meme. I won’t post the picture, in case there are children reading this post, but just Google it and you will see what I’m talking about.

(M)anteater is the newest design available in the Tilteed catalog and it has become one of my new favorites now. What an awesome shirt. No, seriously. It’s very awesome. Am I right or am I right?

You can purchase (M)anteater at Tilteed for $12 on pre-order or for $18 after Noon PDT tomorrow (9/29). Save an extra $2 with the coupon code LovingThisTee.

I recently received a package from a Belgian company by the name of Aaitski! I love getting packages from Europe because it’s the closest that I’ll get to actually going to Europe. Maybe one day I’ll be able to afford a nice trip to the lovely continent across the Atlantic, but for now I’ll cherish the souvenirs that I receive in the mail. Thank you, Aaitski!, for ultimately mailing me happiness in an envelope.

Aaitski, jet, airplaneThe shirt that I received is called “Jetstreamah,” and it’s the newest vehicle t-shirt in the shop. The print is much smaller than any other t-shirt that I own, but to be honest, I quite like it! It’s definitely a noticeable design, just more subtle than the large prints that I’m used to seeing. It’s a breath of fresh air, really. Read the rest of this entry »

One of my favorite online shops to frequent for designer toys is Neon Monster. They always have a great selection and the latest releases, so it’s no wonder that they’re one of the top online toy spots. I’m not here to talk about toys, though. It is Loving This Tee, after all.

Neon Monster has recently released a new t-shirt design featuring their original character, called “Dissected Mitch.” The design has a neat Kaiju feel to it, reminiscent of Godzilla and other giant Japanese monsters. You probably can’t see the details, but I absolutely love that one of the lines points to a “solid-state chicken holster.”

Mitch, Neon Monster, vinyl, kaijuClose up:

Kaiju, Neon Monster, vinyl, toyThis is definitely one neat t-shirt, so if you want to represent the toy world as well as the tee world, here’s a perfect piece for your collection. You can purchase “Dissected Mitch” at Neon Monster for $20! I highly recommend that you pick up some new toys to go with it, too.

Matt of Thriving Ink was kind enough to hook me up with one of his new tees called “Big Drop,” so here’s a review of it.

If you didn’t know, Matt recently took over the family business and has completely rebranded the shop. I am very impressed by the new products, and I’m extremely glad that the store is heading in its current direction. All of the designs are simple and clean, making the products extra sexy (there really isn’t another adjective to use).

Thriving Ink, Big Drop, DTGTo my knowledge, all of the products are printed using direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, which is basically a giant printer laying down ink on the fabric. Never having owned a DTG shirt, I have been apprehensive of the results. However, after seeing “Big Drop” in person, I have been pleasantly surprised! Since the shirt is very soft, the DTG ink compliments it well. The print is lightweight, just like the shirt fabric. I threw this shirt in the washer and dryer, and the design still looks just as great as it did when it came in the mail. Read the rest of this entry »

My friend Kendall recently informed me of the sale that he’s having at The Editions, and boy, is it a sweet sale. All tees have been marked down for the rest of the month, with prices starting at just $11.99.

Kendall was kind enough to hook me up with a code that will give you awesome readers an extra 10% off. Just use the coupon LOVETHEDTNS for even more savings!

Design By Humans is having yet another sweet sale! All shirts have been marked down to $12! Save an extra 10% by using the code 025F4X.

Desigh By Humans, DBH, sale, couponSale ends this Sunday. Go grab your favorites now before your sizes go bye bye!

I love lions. They’re probably my favorite animals next to pandas (yeah, I love those lazy fuzzballs). Random Objects has a great lion design in their shop called “Lion for a Day” that I just can’t stop looking at.

Lion, Random Objects, Elizabeth KennyThe shirt shows a roaring lion and a quote from Elizabeth Kenny that says “It is better to be a lion for a day than to be a sheep all your life.” I highly stand by this quote, as I find it better to be a bold individual than to follow what everyone else is doing in the mainstream. This is a terrific design with a positive message!

You can purchase “Lion for a Day” at Random Objects for $20.

Wotto’s back with a new limited edition doodle design only available at Tilteed for 72 hours! “Monsterous” is a sweet collection of monsters, each with a personality of their own. And if the fun monsters weren’t enough, there’s a vibrant color palette to boot!

monsters, Tilteed, Wotto, doodlePick up your copy of “Monsterous” at Tilteed for just $12 before it’s gone forever (save $2 by using the coupon code LovingThisTee). Don’t be the only one without monsters in your closet!

I’ve never seen black ink on a black shirt before, but it sounds like it could be really neat! What got me thinking about this color combination  is “POV – Expansion Unlimited” from Arteefact. This is my favorite design out of their catalog, and one of the colorways is black and pink on black. Fascinating!

robot, rain, ArteefactIf you like abstract designs with robots and raindrops, or just like cool graphics on a tee, then definitely check this shirt out. It’s on sale at Arteefact for €25.

Now I don’t often like seeing any kind of weapons on t-shirts unless they’re harmless smiling bombs or some type of video game reference, but Wolves vs Lions has a shirt full of weapons that I love, called “Weaponized Variant.”

Wolves vs Lions, weapons, weapon, lionMaybe it’s the lion that calls out to me (I am a Leo, after all), but I think that it’s also because the bullets and various weapons aren’t completely obvious upon first glance. I love the colorway of this t-shirt, and I especially like the worn-out look of the illustration.

Weaponized Variant” is available at Wolves vs Lions for $18, but you can use the code LTT15 to take 15% off your order!

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