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Regan Smith Clarke is having a sale starting in just a little under two hours! All t-shirts will be marked down to $19 for 19 hours, and every order gets free shipping! The sale will start promptly at 5am and end at midnight Eastern Time. Now’s the perfect time to get some fresh new gear from RSC!

Gray Friday sale, Regan Smith Clarke

If you’re neither a size Small nor XL, then this post won’t be very helpful in matching you with the new t-shirt of your dreams. If you do, however, wear one of these sizes, then check out this limited edition design that Bryan Collins has in his Etsy shop! The design is called “Living Through Empty” and it was originally created on scratch board. The artwork is so cool and creepy!

Bryan Collins, Living Through Empty

Bryan Collins, Living Through EmptyAfter you check out “Living Through Empty” ($15), be sure to head over to Bryan’s website to see some great artwork. My favorite section is the custom toys. His customs are insanely neat!

I don’t think that I have to tell you again how much I love Greg Abbott’s artwork. It should be a given at this point. He’s just too awesome at creating unique characters! With that said, you should check out the newest permanent catalog addition at Tilteed, “Foxes.” It’s a 3-color design printed on army AA blanks, and it’s on pre-order for just $12 right now!

foxes, Greg Abbott, Tilteed, cuteGosh, aren’t they just so darn cute? I just want to say “HI!!!” right back to them and wave frantically, but then I’d essentially be talking to myself and that’s just plain silly. I’m definitely not that silly. Nope.

Moving on… This is the third catalog piece by Greg Abbott at Tilteed. “Foxes” is definitely a great companion for the other two designs, “Spyglass” and “Joy Ride.”

Tilteed, Spyglass, bunny, rabbit, cute

Greg Abbott, joyride, Tilteed, monstersHead on over to Tilteed to get your fix of Greg Abbott’s fun characters today! “Foxes” is on pre-order for $12 until Noon Pacific Time this Friday. After that, you can still pick it up for $18 like other designs in the permanent shop catalog. As always, you can save $2 with the coupon code “LovingThisTee.” Go get your cute on!

With two minimalist designs comes a short and succinct post. Ugmonk just released two new shirts that have made me speechless. Behold the beauty (and utter sexiness):


Ugmonk, long sleeveYou can purchase It’s About Time and Half Full at Ugmonk for $24 and $28, respectively.

Huck Gee, skullheadNot too long ago, I received a special package from Huck Gee, an amazing designer and customizer in the art toy world. Huck has worked a great deal with Kidrobot and is one of my favorite toy designers of all time, so I was very excited to see all these goodies. I had won one of his online contests and was only expecting one t-shirt, but Huck surprised me with not one, not even two, but five awesome t-shirts from his shop. Not only were there t-shirts, but there were also some Skullhead decals and Art Hustle trading cards. Needless to say, my jaw dropped and I had to take a moment to calm down and pull myself together.

So in this edition of This Just In!, I’m going to be reviewing two of the t-shirts from this package. If you have heard of Huck Gee, then you probably know that he’s quite famous for his Skullhead character. On this character’s forehead is the kanji for “death.” What a charming guy, no? Read the rest of this entry »

Dirty Dudes has recently released some new designs, including one that I really dig called “DD Sailor.” The graphics are so clean, and whereas I couldn’t see myself wearing this brand before, I now can. I love the vintage look of this new design and the muted color palette is perfect for the fall and winter seasons.

Dirty Dudes, anchor, sailorYou can purchase “DD Sailor” at Dirty Dudes Apparel for $18.

I love candy. I don’t think that I could live without candy. I mean, I guess I could, but it wouldn’t be a very happy life. I wasn’t a big fan of chocolate until a year or so ago, just mainly hard candies, but now I’ll give all kinds of candy my love. Since I love sugary treats so much, it makes sense that I would also love a brand that is all about candy. LabCandy‘s the name and candy-themed apparel is what they offer.

LabCandy, Greg Abbott, Candy ManiacMy favorite design out of their first release is a piece by my friend Greg Abbott called “Candy Maniac.” This design features a monster enjoying his candy while having a bit of trouble with some sticky bubble gum. I guess that’s the price you pay when your appetite for delicious sweets is insatiable!

You can purchase “Candy Maniac” at LabCandy for $20. Although not pictured, it’s available in a women’s version, too.

Jublin is an amazing artist. Pokémon is an awesome game. Combine the two and you get an insanely cool t-shirt!

pokemon, jublin, zombieEvolved from the Dead” is today’s featured design at Teefury and it parodies the Dawn of the Dead movie poster. Instead of regular zombies, however, there are zombie Pokémon! My favorite would have to be zombie Ditto. He may not look very different in the design, but I bet he’s now a gross color.

If you’re like me and have been checking the site on a daily basis, you’ll know that this isn’t the first Pokémon-themed shirt by Jublin for sale on Teefury (see here). Now I have another shirt to rock while I’m being a dork and playing Pokémon HeartGold on my Nintendo DS. Love it!

Go get your copy of “Evolved from the Dead” for $9 at Teefury today only!

It has been several weeks since the last product review on Loving This Tee, so it’s about time that I present to you another cool tee that I received in the mail! Today’s shirt came to me from a company based in New Jersey called Wolves vs Lions. I actually wrote about this shirt a little while back, so I’m happy to show you what it actually looks like.

Wolves vs Lions packageAlong with the shirt, I was also sent a flyer for a fictional showdown between wolves and lions, a postcard, and a button. Although the products shipped in a regular USPS priority mail envelope, the folks at Wolves vs Lions customized this envelope with spray paint. It was a nice touch for a generic mailer.

wolves vs lions, weaponized variantThis shirt is called “Weaponized Variant” because it’s a spin-off of another design of theirs called, you guessed it, “Weaponized.” In comparison to the original, this version is printed on a different colored shirt and the design has a distressed look to it. I’m a bigger fan of this more vintage look, so I’m glad that Wolves vs Lions released this version of the design.

The shirt is printed on an army Tultex tee. I have mixed feelings about Tultex, as all of their shirts that I own feel different in terms of thickness. While some of them feel extremely thin, others feel more comparable to American Apparel blanks. I’d have to place this shirt on the thicker side, but I don’t know if this is across the board for all of them or just this particular one. Either way, I’m pleased with how this specific shirt feels.

wolves vs lions, weaponized variantAfter having washed “Weaponized Variant,” both the shirt and ink have held up very well. This shirt feels pretty fantastic, I have to admit. The ink isn’t chunky either, which is a big bonus. I’m not a fan of wearing sheets of ink, so I am very happy that this is not the case for this design.

If you would like to pick up your copy of “Weaponized Variant,” head to the Wolves vs Lions shop today! The shirt is currently on sale for $15 and is available in both men‘s and women‘s cuts.

OMUNKY recently released a new t-shirt, titled “Nocturnal Naptime.” Right off the bat, I love this because it features one of my favorite animals seen on t-shirts, owls. Seriously, I don’t know what it is about them, but they make great subjects for tee illustrations. Another reason why I like “Nocturnal Naptime” so much is because people think I’m a night owl, but I’m really not. I just stay up late despite my body telling me to get some rest. Sometimes I set out to get some work done, only to wake up around 4AM with no recollection of ever passing out. At least I don’t have to cover up my sleepiness like this owl does. It’s his job to stay awake at night, since he sleeps all day long!

owl, OMUNKYYou can purchase “Nocturnal Naptime” at OMUNKY for $22, and 5% of the sale will be donated to WildAid. If you use the coupon code LOVINGTHISTEE, you can also save 15% off your entire order. Sweet, right?

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