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So it looks like Design By Humans is having yet another sale, this time its End of Summer Sale. What does this mean for you? Tons and tons of $15 t-shirts! I don’t know when their next sale will be, so if you have some recent favorites or missed out on the last big sale, now’s your time to buy some shirts.

Here are some of my recent favorites for your viewing pleasure.

Knock Out and Never Tap Out” by zerobriant:

I’m not really a fan of MMA, but this design simply looks great. The bright blue color that I link to fun and general lightheartedness is juxtaposed with the image of an MMA fighter, something that I just wouldn’t normally pair together. I give it my thumbs up!

Leader of the Pack” by againstbound:

If you’ve been following Loving This Tee, then you’ll know that I simply love againstbound’s illustrations. What I love about this shirt is that 1. it’s purple and, 2. I need to take the time to wrap my head around what it all means. I doubt that I will ever jump to a solid conclusion, but that’s why it’s so exciting to see a design like this!

Apres Moi le Deluge” by mj00:

I love everything about this new piece by MJ. I also love the textures she uses in this piece, as it really gives the whole composition more depth and even more aesthetic appeal. If this ship is out for the purpose of whaling, they better think again. I think these whales are going to show them who’s boss.

Type Rider” by mrdavenport:

I’ve been waiting to see this printed for a long time, and now the day has come. It’s a great piece for the summer and for the other seasons when you’re dreaming of summer. Definitely a clever design and just an all-around beautiful piece to look at!

Now that you’ve seen my picks, go and get your favorite designs at Design By Humans today!

It’s been a while since my last product review, but this is the first of several that are going to be posted within the next few weeks. Today’s post is about a tee from Poli Graphic Design called “Power Trio.” If you haven’t guessed it yet, it’s another sweet design by againstbound. His style is so unique and distinct, something that I love.

I haven’t seen too many yellow shirts on the market, so this was a real treat. Printed on a lemon American Apparel tee, this seven-color illustration came out beautifully! Read the rest of this entry »

I really love the new direction that Stheart Clothing (pronounced “start”) has taken. One of my favorites from their collection is a fresh take on their logo called “Geace 2.0.” When I saw this piece, I had a hunch that it was the work of againstbound. After surfing the web a bit, I learned that I was correct in my assumptions. I guess that I’m just drawn to his work, but that’s not a bad thing.

This logo shirt is great in that it exceeds your expectations of logo merchandise. There’s enough going on in the illustration for one to think that there’s a deeper meaning behind the piece. And maybe there is, but looking at it as a logo tee makes it one of the best logo shirt that I’ve ever come across. The colors and the composition work together so well. In short, “Geace 2.0” is fantastic and I really need this tee for my wardrobe!

You can purchase “Geace 2.0” at Stheart Clothing for $19.95. Sizes are quite limited, but I thought I should still share such an amazing tee with you.

So I’m way behind in blogging due to school, but since I have just taken my last exam, this will be the first of many new posts (let’s hope I can keep it up!).

I heard from Ropeadope Design Collective sometime last month and have been meaning to write about them. They have eight designs up for pre-order now that will no longer be sold after May 20th. This first collection is pretty solid, and I’m loving several of the designs. This first release is comprised of illustrations by a.mar.illo, Priscilla Wilson, peachbeach, Wotto, Tang Yau Hoong, againstbound, Hydro 74, and Steven Erdman. From this point on, RDC will release eight new designs every three months. Each shirt is limited to 500 copies or less, and every order comes with a free CD. I don’t know what music is on it, but it sounds neat!

Head on over to Ropeadope Design Collective shop to pick up these and many more great designs for $24 each.

If I had a trophy to give away for the most improved artist, that trophy would have to go to againstbound.  Hector has become of my favorite tee artists of all time, and his work is constantly improving. When I think that I’ve seen the best work from him, he goes and tops it with an even better creation. I remember when I felt so-so towards his art a little over a year and a half ago. Now, it’s pretty much impossible for me to not love his latest designs!

When I heard that againstbound was going to have his third print with Tilteed, I was ecstatic! “Vinyl Frontier” is the name, and this illustration is just plain awesome. If you like music, space-related stuff, or just anything cool in general, then you should definitely check out this sweet new addition to the Tilteed catalog.

Vinyl Frontier” will only be $12 for about 13 more hours at Tilteed (it will go up to $18 after that), so act fast if you love this design and want a nice discount for being one of the first to pick it up! As always, you can use the code “LovingThisTee” to save $2.

In the final contest held by ShirtFight, all of the past winners and heavyweights were able to submit designs to see who would win the last championship belt. There were many great entries in the competition, and againstbound went for the gold with his design called “A Glimpse of the End of Days.” This is the first win for againstbound at ShirtFight, and I absolutely love the design! This entry had my vote from day one, so I am very happy with the outcome. Againstbound has created a unique piece, with a triangular monster that appears to be killing itself to stay alive. What an oxymoron! That’s exactly what I love about the design. There are plenty of details to keep your eyes moving around this composition, and it’s by no means boring!

I am quite saddened by the fact that this was ShirtFight’s last contest, but I am sure that El Presidente and Miss Etti will awe us with a new store concept. ShirtFight is already undergoing some site changes, and it’s looking better than ever! Along with these changes, there are also $8 mystery tees and a new sale section where you can purchase some $10 shirts. Be sure to stop by ShirtFight to see the new changes, and pick up “A Glimpse of the End of Days.” for only $13! You can also take an additional 10% off with the code “lovingthistee.”

Tilteed has just launched a new tee by againstbound called “A Study of Turtles.” I’ve been waiting for this one to print for a few months now, and it’s finally time! This design features a slew of turtles with various head coverings as shells, along with scientific names that have been derived specifically for each turtle. Although I have no background in Latin, I can appreciate the lengths that againstbound went in order to come up with genus and species names that pertain to each of the turtles’ shells. This is a truly unique tee, and one detail that makes the design even better as a whole is the turtle wearing the dunce cap. This is the only turtle that faces left when all of the other turtles are facing right, and it adds to this character, suggesting that it is the rather unintelligent one of the bunch.  You can see a larger image of this design on the product page. Which turtle is your favorite?

“A Study of Turtles” is printed on a sea foam AA tee and can be pre-ordered at Tilteed for a low price of $12 until next Tuesday. You can also get free shipping when you use the coupon code “LovingThisTee” during checkout!

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