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A few weeks ago, I received a sweet package from laFraise, a European design competition site. I have been a long time fan of laFraise, so it’s quite a treat to get to review one of their t-shirts today! The t-shirt that I will be reviewing is called “The Big Bang Theory” by GUS.

When I took the contents out of the envelope, I was greeted with a t-shirt sealed in a custom plastic bag (the brand can be seen in the bottom left-hand corner), a laFraise sticker, and care instructions. There are no care instructions inside the shirt, so the little card was a nice touch. I didn’t actually look at it, but I suppose that if you don’t own that many t-shirts, then it’s good to have. As you can see, the shirt also came with a laFraise hang tag, which only added on to the strong branding of the product.

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If I had a trophy to give away for the most improved artist, that trophy would have to go to againstbound.  Hector has become of my favorite tee artists of all time, and his work is constantly improving. When I think that I’ve seen the best work from him, he goes and tops it with an even better creation. I remember when I felt so-so towards his art a little over a year and a half ago. Now, it’s pretty much impossible for me to not love his latest designs!

When I heard that againstbound was going to have his third print with Tilteed, I was ecstatic! “Vinyl Frontier” is the name, and this illustration is just plain awesome. If you like music, space-related stuff, or just anything cool in general, then you should definitely check out this sweet new addition to the Tilteed catalog.

Vinyl Frontier” will only be $12 for about 13 more hours at Tilteed (it will go up to $18 after that), so act fast if you love this design and want a nice discount for being one of the first to pick it up! As always, you can use the code “LovingThisTee” to save $2.

Guess what? Now you can walk around with our entire solar system in a jar! How cool is that? Designed by Derek Deal, “Universal” from Skeg Clothing is simply too beautiful to ignore. With a print that huge, you can’t help but feel like the planets and stars are in the palm of your hands with this t-shirt. This is probably my most favorite design offering from Skeg’s first line. I love that it’s so bold and in your face without having to employ neon colors or anything of that nature.

You can pick up “Universal” at Skeg Clothing for $35.

All tees are $9 at Threadless today only!

Along with launching some new designs and reprints, Threadless is holding another super sweet $9 sale! The last $9 sale was on Black Friday, and many great new tees have been released since then, so it’s time to pick up some more items! Here are my recommendations for this sale:

"Elfalicious" by Christopher Golebiowski

"This Game Sucks" by David Creighton-Pester

“The Milky Way” by Budi Satria Kwan

"The Eraser" by Brian Cook

“Fast Food” by Alex Solis

“Rain Bow” by Ross Zietz

"The Brave Little Kang" by Joao Lauro Fonte

You can check out many more awesome tees over at Threadless! What are you purchasing this time around?

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