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Why hello there, t-shirt enthusiasts! I’m here ready to report on some of the shirts out there that I love. Now I know that there are plenty of shirt blogs out there, but I just couldn’t resist this desire to start a blog about the world of t-shirts any longer. From the design to the feel of the fabric, every little thing about t-shirts keeps me craving more. There’s nothing better than discovering a new design that makes you go, “I need that in my closet.”

Starting Monday, I will be posting bi-weekly (at the least) about tees, with one tee per post, and exactly what I love about them. And every other week or so, I will be posting a video review, along with pictures, of the featured shirt.

I hope that many of you will get to see some tees that you’ve never seen before, and I look forward to seeing your thoughts on the shirts in the comments! You can also find me over on Twitter, where I post some up-to-date deals (@LovingThisTee).

This is Loving This Tee – Loving the t-shirt industry, one tee at a time.

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