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Space! Giant octopus! Yeticorn! Need I say more?

Say hello to Gimetzco’s new Tilteed Limited design, “Destination Ursa Major.” It’s full of pure awesomness. Just have a look!

Tilteed, Yeticorn, Yeti, spaceHead on over to Tilteed to grab your copy of “Destination Ursa Major” for just $12 untill Noon Pacific tomorrow (December 31). Save an extra $2 when you use the code “LovingThisTee.”

This shirt is badass. I don’t think I need any other description.

Detailed image:

Pick up “…vs Komodo Canyon!” by Gimetzco! at Tilteed for $12 before Fall Guy Gus rides off into the unknown! Save $2 with the coupon code LovingThisTee.

I love Recycledwax’s artwork, and this design is no exception! With winter arriving, “Yetis Love Snowflakes” is an appropriate piece for the season. These are no ordinary Yetis, though. They’re cute like little kid Yetis, and one even needs prescription glasses. These guys are pretty good at catching snowflakes on the tips of their tongues… something that I have trouble doing. I guess I better work on that this winter. Hopefully there will be some snow here! You can pick this tee up at Teefury until midnight ET for $11 including shipping.

I don’t generally like Yetis, but this one is simply too cool to ignore. “Happy Yeti by smoking is a tee that I’ve been rooting for at Tilteed, and it has finally been printed!  If I were some kind of cartoon character, I think that I would want to be friends with this Yeti. He looks so friendly! I’m quite glad to see a design that isn’t too detailed be able to grab my attention so well. If you dig this tee, make sure to pick it up while it is on pre-order for $12 at Tilteed. Don’t forget to use the code LovingThisTee at checkout for free shipping!

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