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Simply Complicated is a company based out of Texas, and the best way for me to describe their line is to call it “simply complicated.” Their designs perfectly parallel their brand name, and it’s quite interesting how that works. All of the designs look quite simplistic on the surface, but once you look at the details, they instantly become much more complex. One of my favorite designs is “Iconic,” which features their logo overlaid by an image of the attack on Pearl Harbor. I already love how their logo looks by itself, and this additional powerful image adds a complex side to the piece. “Iconic” is available in both mint and grey (I prefer the mint, since I’m crazy about bold colors). Pick up your very own Simply Complicated tee today and take an additional 25% off with the code “LOVINGTHISTEE”! Shipping is always $2 for domestic orders and $6 for international orders. Simply complicated will be launching a new line soon, so be sure to keep an eye out!

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