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So I’m really enjoying seeing black and white designs lately. Here’s one from Ardentees (ARDT) that I love called “Black is the Night.” Sometimes a nice, relatively simple shirt like this is what I crave to pick out from my wardrobe. I love the patterns! What are your thoughts on the design?

Black is the Night” is $35 at Ardentees, but if you use the following Loving This Tee exclusive coupon code, you can take 15% off:

Serial No.: DSC0000022
Password: LTT15


I was pleasantly surprised to see this new Tilteed Limited piece by Oiseau because it’s a step away from his more prominent skull and skeleton themed t-shirt designs. I’m not a big fan of skulls, but I’m definitely a huge fan of wild animals like giraffes, so this design gets two thumbs up from me! I am also drawn in by the mixed perspectives of “Wild Architecture.” It takes your eyes on quite a ride!

Here’s a more detailed image of the illustration:

If you like what you see, then be sure to head over to Tilteed to pick up “Wild Architecture” for $12 before it disappears for good in less than 2 days. Use the code “LovingThisTee” at checkout to take $2 off.

What would the world be like if we humans were all pandas? For one, we’d be a lot more cuddly! Pandy Cane shows us what it would be like in a world where everyone’s a panda, including our presidents. Can you imagine currency with  furry panda faces? Or what about a giant marble panda in the Lincoln Monument? “Mount Rush-Paw” gives us a glimpse into this fictional panda world by replacing all of the faces on the famous Mount Rushmore. I wouldn’t mind seeing a recreation of all famous landmarks and statues with panda faces instead of human ones. I think it’d be pretty awesome!

You can purchase “Mount Rush-Paw” at Pandy Cane for £15.00. It’s available in women’s sizes too!

Technicolor Typewriter” is the latest tee from ReThink Clothing that has brought back some good memories. When I was a little girl, I used to play with my aunt’s typewriter whenever she was finished using it. I hadn’t been exposed to any computers at the time, and I thought that the typewriter was the coolest thing ever. It was a Thai typewriter and since the Thai alphabet contains more symbols and characters than the English alphabet, there were so many keystroke combinations for me to have fun with. I enjoyed every single minute of typing random characters and pretending that I was writing scholarly papers like my aunt. Those were the days.

Technicolor Typewriter” is available at ReThink Clothing for $18.99 in both heather grey and white versions. Make sure to use the coupon code “Lovingthistee” to take 20% off!

If I had a trophy to give away for the most improved artist, that trophy would have to go to againstbound.  Hector has become of my favorite tee artists of all time, and his work is constantly improving. When I think that I’ve seen the best work from him, he goes and tops it with an even better creation. I remember when I felt so-so towards his art a little over a year and a half ago. Now, it’s pretty much impossible for me to not love his latest designs!

When I heard that againstbound was going to have his third print with Tilteed, I was ecstatic! “Vinyl Frontier” is the name, and this illustration is just plain awesome. If you like music, space-related stuff, or just anything cool in general, then you should definitely check out this sweet new addition to the Tilteed catalog.

Vinyl Frontier” will only be $12 for about 13 more hours at Tilteed (it will go up to $18 after that), so act fast if you love this design and want a nice discount for being one of the first to pick it up! As always, you can use the code “LovingThisTee” to save $2.

Do you like Wotto? If you do, then my advice to you is to go check out the newest Tilteed tee! This fun piece is titled “The Advice Tee” and it is this month’s contest winner. Why is it called “The Advice Tee,” you ask? Just take a closer look at this design and you will see a bunch of little pieces of advice that you’ve probably heard multiple times over the years. As with many of Wotto’s other works, this design features his signature doodling style. I especially love this illustration because it’s quite colorful. I really enjoy the addition of colored shapes in the background, and the color combination makes this a t-shirt that I can see myself wearing all the time.

Detailed image :

You can pick up Wotto’s “The Advice Tee” at Tilteed for $12 (it’ll go up to $18 after the pre-order period), and save $2 by using the code “LovingThisTee” during checkout. And if you’re planning on purchasing two or more tees during your visit, you can use the code “FEB50” to take $4 off each shirt*.

(* code good through February)

You can think I’m weird all you want, but I absolutely LOVE school supply shopping! I guess it has changed quite a bit since my younger years, but school supply shopping can be just as fun in college. I love heading to office supply stores to pick up new pens and notebooks, so it’s fitting that I write about a tee that relates to this nerdy pastime of mine.

I haven’t needed to purchase a composition notebook in years and I don’t exactly see why they’re favored by teachers, but they were on pretty much all of my school supply lists until high school. Because of that, “Composition Skull” sure brings back a lot of memories! This design from Skullastic is one of many school-themed tees that the company offers.

Although the image shows a kid wearing the tee, this shirt is only available in adult sizes. There are many designs available in kid sizes, though! You can pick up “Composition Skull” for $24 at Skullastic.

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