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I normally only write about tees, but these 8-Bit Zombie hats are too cool to not write about. These trucker hats are unique in that the bottom of their bills have been printed on with some neat designs. I’ve never seen anything like this before learning about this shop, and I would rock all of the hats from this store if I could!

After every holiday comes a fantastic sale, and 8-Bit Zombie has their Jack-O-Lantern hats on sale now for $6.50 a pop. Unfortunately, there are only 3 colorways left for these caps, but this is definitely still a great deal! You can still pick up this hat in neon orange, dark orange, and yellow.

Check out the 8-Bit Zombie shop to see all of the available styles and colorways. What are your thoughts on 8-Bit Zombie’s thrash caps?

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