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Jon Knox. Does that name ring a bell? If your answer is synonymous to “no,” then we need to change that right now!

Jon Knox, JeffreyJon Knox is an amazing artist based out of Portland, OR, who is most widely known for his handmade resin toys. But that’s not all that he does, though. Along with being an amazing toy sculptor and painter, he’s also a fantastic illustrator. His unique characters are like a species of their own, so distinct and full of personality. These characters exist in both cartoonish realms and realistic ones, with his portraits looking incredibly lifelike.

Jon Knox, ThreadlessI remember my first encounter with Jon Knox’s artwork. It was a Threadless Select (the old Select line) tee called “Brat Party” that introduced me to Jon’s playful style. I’m going to go ahead and say that it’s my favorite Threadless tee of all time. It’s a shame that I no longer fit into the copy that I own without feeling self-conscious. Should have gone for a Guys Small and not the XS… Bah!

But you’re not here to read my t-shirt woes, are you? I didn’t think so. Let’s take a look at a much newer tee from Jon Knox’s shop. I picked up a shirt called “The Magician” from Jon’s shop when it was up for pre-order. I am kind of obsessed with heather grey tees at the moment, so I picked the grey shirt (there’s also a white option, as well as tank versions).

Jon KnoxAin’t it a beauty? Read the rest of this entry »

For those of you who know me, you are aware of my love for designer toys.  I just found out that Kidrobot recently released a t-shirt version of Kidrobot 18, Frank Kozik’s Kidmutant, for its spring line. While your 8″ Kidmutant toy sits indoors with the rest of your vinyl collection, you can now have a Kidmutant to show off when you’re out and about!

Here’s a look at the toy (in case you haven’t seen it) and the new t-shirt:

Kidmutant, Labbit, Kidrobot, Frank Kozik

Kidmutant, Kidrobot, Frank KozikThis is my favorite Kidrobot mascot to date, and I’m still bummed that I didn’t have the funds to pick up my very own Kidmutant when it released at Kidrobot. If you are a huge fan of Frank Kozik or simply love this mutant KR mascot, this new t-shirt definitely deserves some space in your closet or dresser!

You can purchase the Kidmutant t-shirt at Kidrobot for $40.

One of my favorite online shops to frequent for designer toys is Neon Monster. They always have a great selection and the latest releases, so it’s no wonder that they’re one of the top online toy spots. I’m not here to talk about toys, though. It is Loving This Tee, after all.

Neon Monster has recently released a new t-shirt design featuring their original character, called “Dissected Mitch.” The design has a neat Kaiju feel to it, reminiscent of Godzilla and other giant Japanese monsters. You probably can’t see the details, but I absolutely love that one of the lines points to a “solid-state chicken holster.”

Mitch, Neon Monster, vinyl, kaijuClose up:

Kaiju, Neon Monster, vinyl, toyThis is definitely one neat t-shirt, so if you want to represent the toy world as well as the tee world, here’s a perfect piece for your collection. You can purchase “Dissected Mitch” at Neon Monster for $20! I highly recommend that you pick up some new toys to go with it, too.

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