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Although I am, and have always been, quite horrible at the vast array of Mario video games, I still love seeing references made to them. This week’s Threadless releases includes one tee that takes Mario’s use of mushrooms to another level.

Magic Mushrooms”  by Ian Summers is a parody depicting Toad as a drug dealer and Mario as a sketchy buyer. The whole scene is shady, as the transaction between Toad and Mario occurs in a poorly lit alleyway. There are some key elements in the background, such as the pipe and the Goomba-like figures that help add to the Mario theme of the illustration.

I guess that the ratio of mushrooms to number of boxes punched is simply too low. Maybe Mario does not even get larger in size after eating a mushroom. Perhaps what we see on the television screen as we play the game is merely a figment of Mario’s imagination. Castles to defeat? Princesses to save? Could it all just be one big trip? I cannot answer any of these questions, but I do know that Super Mario Brothers will be even more fun to play after having seen this shirt. Time to get out the Super Nintendo!

Don’t delay picking up “Magic Mushrooms” at Threadless. It is a hot seller, and some of the guys’ sizes are already on special order!

$18 at Threadless

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