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Last week, I received a sweet little package from Rick at OMUNKY. Its contents? The latest OMUNKY design, “Tiger Turmoil” plus some stickers! Needless to say, I was ecstatic to start off the Year of the Tiger with a hilarious tiger tee. I may have already said it in some earlier post, but let me reiterate that I’m a huge fan of wild cats. Huge fan!

I haven’t gotten the chance to wear this shirt out and about yet, but I already got some compliments when I first took it out of the package. I did, however, wash it and now it is ready to be reviewed here at Loving This Tee. Read the rest of this entry »

Crazy tiger? Check. Sweet asymmetrical sunglasses that I totally had as a kid? Check. Beverage holder hat with a drink on each side? Check, check, and check. What a party animal!

What can I say? I love this new “Tiger” tee from Party Smartie. Everything from the colors to the jumbo print makes me want to get up and dance. Now that’s saying something because I won’t wiggle my behind for any ordinary t-shirt! “Tiger” is definitely something that I would wear out, especially to a party. If you like tigers, especially those that know how to have a kickin’ good time, be sure to take a look at this design!

You can purchase “Tiger” at Party Smartie for €20.00.

After launching with two tees in June, Airastile has now added a few more shirts to its collection. My favorite of these new designs is the men’s version of “Tiger.” Like many others, I am a huge fan of big cats. The minimal use of color helps to bring out the tiger’s eyes, and this colorway looks much better than the darker women’s version where the eyes are subdued. This piece also has a touch of urban elements, with the addition of big chains in the composition. I personally think that large chains are tacky in real life, but they work extremely well to balance out this design. You can pick up “Tiger” for $20 at Airastile with free shipping within the U.S.

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