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If you know me personally, then you’ll know that I also have a big spot in my heart for designer toys. Although I had seen tons of works by eBoy for companies like Yahoo! and Coca Cola, I hadn’t heard of the name eBoy until I immersed myself in the toy world. Thanks to Kidrobot, I learned all about eBoy’s figures called Peecol. And from then on, I learned that they created the pixel art that I have always loved so much. Long story short, I love eBoy’s artwork. The style is so unique and distinct, and I am never disappointed by a work of theirs.


Yacht Race” by eBoy is the first release from Fartookind!. It is available for $36 and is limited to only 55 copies. If you’re a fan of eBoy, then you definitely don’t want to miss your chance to pick it up! Summer’s the time to stock up on graphic t-shirts, and “Yacht Race” couldn’t be a more fitting design for this season.

Fur Face Boy just revealed their summer series line up and it is looking mad fresh! I seriously want to wear all of these t-shirts this summer, especially the FFB Ice Pop and Summertime Bearmaibrick tees. Ah, what I would do to get them in my wardrobe right at this moment… I seriously cannot express to you how awesome I think these new shirts are. And if I could pull off wearing a tank, I’d be all over that too!

If you’re in the Dallas, TX area, you should definitely hit up the release party at Adikt Footwear this Saturday, July 24! Click here for more info on that.

Along with a passion for t-shirts, I also have a strong love for 7-11 Slurpees and all kinds of slushy drinks. If you also enjoy drinking these icy beverages, then Tilteed has a new Limited tee that might be right up your alley. “Slushie” by theinfinityloop shows a dog who’s enjoying a delightful summer treat. This labrador is a fan of blue raspberry, the perfect tongue-staining flavor. Great choice, I say!

Slushie” is available at Tilteed for $12 until noon Pacific Time on Friday, June 4. Save $2 when you use the coupon code “LovingThisTee” at checkout. While you’re there, you can also read the neat little interview with theinfinityloop.

And if you were randomly wondering– Yes, I am a flavor mixer. It’s nothing fancy, but I do prefer to fill my cup with 80% Coca Cola and 20% cherry.

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