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I really love the new direction that Stheart Clothing (pronounced “start”) has taken. One of my favorites from their collection is a fresh take on their logo called “Geace 2.0.” When I saw this piece, I had a hunch that it was the work of againstbound. After surfing the web a bit, I learned that I was correct in my assumptions. I guess that I’m just drawn to his work, but that’s not a bad thing.

This logo shirt is great in that it exceeds your expectations of logo merchandise. There’s enough going on in the illustration for one to think that there’s a deeper meaning behind the piece. And maybe there is, but looking at it as a logo tee makes it one of the best logo shirt that I’ve ever come across. The colors and the composition work together so well. In short, “Geace 2.0” is fantastic and I really need this tee for my wardrobe!

You can purchase “Geace 2.0” at Stheart Clothing for $19.95. Sizes are quite limited, but I thought I should still share such an amazing tee with you.

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