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This post is coming a bit late in the evening since I’ve been out and about, but I just had to write about today’s Teefury shirt, so here it is!

Hybrids” is one of the coolest concepts I’ve seen involving cars and it takes hybrid vehicles to a whole new level. Ste7en has done an amazing job depicting well-known automobiles like the Volkswagen Beetle and Ford Mustang in this colorful illustration. Wouldn’t it be neat if we saw these half vehicle, half animal hybrids in real life?

You only have until midnight tonight (Eastern Time) to pick up “Hybrids” at Teefury. It’s a sweet $9 deal if you ask me!

Although I wish that most of the cartoon characters within this piece did not face this kind of death, “Toony Fish” by ste7en is quite a creative design. I’m guessing that ste7en has something against Spongebob Squarepants, as all of the main characters (minus Sandy the squirrel) are found inside the can. Poor Patrick has King Triton’s trident stuck in his back, for crying out loud! It also appears as though King Triton ended up killing his own daughter, which doesn’t exactly make sense. What a horrible father! Inside this can of Toony Fish, you will also find characters from one of my Disney favorites, Finding Nemo. This design evokes contradicting reactions from me. I find it funny, yet I’m also appalled by it. I will definitely be reminded of this design when I head to the sandwich shop and order a tuna sandwich. On another note, I’d love to see how kids would react to this tee when they see their beloved cartoon characters dead. Pick up “Toony Fish” at Shirt.Woot today for only $10!

In case you haven’t heard about the big sale going on at Design By Humans, you’ll be happy to hear that tees are as low as $5! In this post, I will be writing about one of the $5 tees that are offered. I have admired “Memory Ln.” since it came out last year, but never got the chance to pick one up until now. With a bargain like this, I couldn’t refuse to let this tee pass me by! Designed by ste7en, “Memory Ln.” is a road map that ultimately depicts a human brain. The various streets include “College St.” and “Crush Dr.” The left sleeve also features a heart as a compass rose. If you don’t have many CMYK shirts or just love CMYK tees, this will be a wonderful addition to your closet! You can also get an additional 10% off during the sale by using the coupon code U0LER6 or UQDB6J. Don’t let this deal pass you by!

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