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So Threads or Tales isn’t officially launching until October 10, 2010 (10-10-10 is a cool date!), but they’re having a secret sale right now by releasing one design for just 24 hours. Call it a sneak peek of sorts, if you will. This first design is by Greg Abbott and it is called “Cyclops The Blind Pirate.” It’s available in both t-shirt and poster print form, and there’s even a little poem that goes along with the shirt.

What’s awesome about Threads or Tales is that all of the designs have a story behind them. I’m definitely looking forward to the full launch! For now, you can pick up “Cyclops The Blind Pirate” for $18 at Threads or Tales.

Yellow Bellied Bastard” is the fantastic new Limited design available at Tilteed. Wotto is definitely the king of doodle tees, and “Yellow Bellied Bastard” does not disappoint. If you loved last year’s bestselling “Guilty Pleasures,” then you’re definitely going to dig this new follow-up design!

Here’s a closer look at the illustration:

As a bonus for purchasing this tee, Tilteed is running a contest in which everyone who buys “Yellow Bellied Bastard” will be entered to win one of Wotto’s original 8″ x 8″ paintings (valued at $100). The winner will get to select one painting from any of the available works from Wotto’s 100 Paintings Project. How incredible is that? This contest blows my mind! And just to give you an example of the paintings, here are a few:

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Tilteed and pick up “Yellow Bellied Bastard” for just $12 before it disappears into the archive tomorrow afternoon. Make sure to use the coupon code “LovingThisTee” at checkout to save $2 on your order.

Finally, a shirt with a reference that I understand at Teefury! Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that LOST is amazing. I just haven’t seen the show so I never know what the tees are all about. Anyways, since I’m pretty obsessed with Lady Gaga and even wrote a final paper about her in one of my psychology courses this semester, I’m going to have to give today’s funny design two thumbs up! “Lady Pugaga” by Lisa Hanawalt is a great combination of pug and Lady Gaga. Just check out the telephone headpiece that this little pup has on! Oh, how I’d love to see Lady Pugaga and Lady Gaga together in real life.

Time for me to quit writing and watch Lady Gaga’s video for “Telephone” for the 1000th time. While I do that, you can purchase “Lady Pugaga” at Teefury for $9 until the clock strikes midnight Eastern Time.

ReThink Clothing has just released some new tees for the new year. Designed by Zack Davenport, “Water The Summer Sky” is a beautiful piece depicting a sprinkler system that shoots out the night sky. This is now one of my favorite designs available at ReThink Clothing, and I love Zack Davenport’s two other pieces on the site as well. I much prefer the silver version of the shirt, but the mint tee looks good too. The textures in this piece are gorgeous, and these tees really make me miss summer. I believe that this is the first ReThink design that’s available on both men’s and women’s tees (in both silver and mint), so that’s also very cool!

You can purchase “Water The Summer Sky” at ReThink Clothing for $18.99.

No, this isn’t a post about The Beatles song. It’s about the newest tee offering from Fuzzy Ink! I never thought about it before, but walruses sure have extra-fuzzy mustaches. For everyone who thinks that walruses are ugly, lardy creatures, think again! “I am the Walrus” shows an exceptionally trendy walrus who’s wearing a stylish plaid shirt and a hip, green parka. I think that I need to start taking fashion tips from this guy!

You can pick up “I am the Walrus” from Fuzzy Ink for $20.95, and be sure to use the coupon “FuzzyLoving” to take 15% off your purchase!

It’s after Halloween, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop wearing zombie-themed apparel! Check out “The House that Romero Built” at Mediocore Clothing if you are looking for another great zombie tee for your closet. This tee comes in two colors, silver and white. You can pick it up for $20, and use the code zombies for 15% off!

Tilteed has just released a new tee today by againstbound called “Fear of Flying.” This creative design is well-executed and looks fabulous on a t-shirt. Luckily for this bird, flying is not the only mode of transportation out there. With a fear of flying, how else is he supposed to get around town? Now he no longer needs those anxiolytic drugs to keep him calm, especially during migration. Does this cardinal know that driving is actually more dangerous than flying? I guess we can keep that one a secret! Pick up a copy of “Fear of Flying” for only $12 until Noon PST on August 31 (and $18 after that), and use the coupon “LovingThisTee” to take an additional $2 off!

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