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In the final contest held by ShirtFight, all of the past winners and heavyweights were able to submit designs to see who would win the last championship belt. There were many great entries in the competition, and againstbound went for the gold with his design called “A Glimpse of the End of Days.” This is the first win for againstbound at ShirtFight, and I absolutely love the design! This entry had my vote from day one, so I am very happy with the outcome. Againstbound has created a unique piece, with a triangular monster that appears to be killing itself to stay alive. What an oxymoron! That’s exactly what I love about the design. There are plenty of details to keep your eyes moving around this composition, and it’s by no means boring!

I am quite saddened by the fact that this was ShirtFight’s last contest, but I am sure that El Presidente and Miss Etti will awe us with a new store concept. ShirtFight is already undergoing some site changes, and it’s looking better than ever! Along with these changes, there are also $8 mystery tees and a new sale section where you can purchase some $10 shirts. Be sure to stop by ShirtFight to see the new changes, and pick up “A Glimpse of the End of Days.” for only $13! You can also take an additional 10% off with the code “lovingthistee.”


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