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A few weeks ago, I received a sweet little package from Hypnic. Inside the envelope, I found a copy of “Winter” in navy, two stickers, and an awesome squirrel magnet that’s now hanging out on my fridge. The tee was neatly folded inside a sealed plastic bag, something that I definitely like because it keeps out bad odors. Most of the packages that I’ve gotten recently have all smelled strongly of cigarette smoke, so having extra-packaged tees helps to keep this out. It’s not like people do laundry every day!

“Winter” is one of my favorite designs available at Hypnic, and it is also available on a white t-shirt. I love the design because it shows a big piece of ice melting and forming an image of a tree. To the right, it also looks like a neighboring tree is frosting over as the ice melts. The tree pattern is quite detailed and the print came out beautifully. The brand name is not a huge focus point, and this really allows the design to speak for itself. Read the rest of this entry »

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Have you been searching for environment-related tees that are fashionable, yet thought provoking? Look no further because Ban T-shirts offers environmental tees that fit the criteria! From recycling to genetically modified organisms, Ban T-shirts has designs covering a wide range of today’s hot environmental issues. While some of the shirts in this category are printed on American Apparel, a good amount of them are printed on 100% organic Royal Apparel blanks.

Just a few days ago, Ban T-shirts sent me a copy of “There Is No Planet B.” With a short and succinct message, this tee states what many of us fail to think about on a regular basis. We all have a Plan B when things don’t exactly go as planned, but we only have one Earth to live on. The simple black and white color scheme helps to drive the message home because this isn’t a complicated statement to understand.

Printed on Royal Apparel, this tee feels just as soft as an American Apparel tee. I felt both brands of shirts and was unable to detect a noticeable difference. With this tee, you can feel good wearing domestically grown organic cotton and also get the fit of a fashion-cut tee! Who says you can’t look great while being environmentally friendly?

The print quality is superb, and the ink feels nice and smooth. It has a slight rubbery feel to it and is not rough and grainy like some other inks tend to be. The layer of ink is fairly thin and will not prevent the shirt from moving with the contours of your body. After a wash, neither the tee nor the ink faded in any way, and “There Is No Planet B” seems like it will last a long time. That’s definitely a plus if you want to continue promoting being environmentally conscious.

If you like what you see here, please check out the environmental t-shirt section at Ban T-shirts to pick up “There Is No Planet B” or find a message that you support!  You can purchase this tee for $18.50 plus shipping. For every t-shirt that you buy from Ban T-shirts, environmental or not, a tree will get planted (see details here)!

Back in June, I wrote about a tee from Regal Clothing Co. called “Good Music I Dance No Good Music I Not Dance.” Just a few weeks ago, Regal Clothing was kind enough to send over a copy of the tee along with a bunch of extra goodies. I came home one day and unexpectedly saw a black box in my mailbox shipped all the way from the U.K. At that moment, I had a feeling that I was going to fall in love with this company.

Regal Clothing went above and beyond with their packaging. The tee was neatly folded inside the box and there were promotional cards, a sticker, a button, and two little candies. I’m a sucker for sweets, especially those from a different country, so the two individually wrapped treats were a major bonus.

This is the first time that I’ve received a t-shirt printed on Continental, and I’m very happy to say that, based on first impressions, I absolutely love Continental blanks! This tee is extremely soft and the fabric is neither too thick nor too thin. After throwing the tee into the wash, it felt even better! The shirt fits well and is not wide and boxy. It’s also not too long or too short.

Regal Clothing

In terms of print quality, the ink is nice and lightweight. The print is oversized and well-centered. There is also a small back print with the brand name. I am extremely pleased with Regal Clothing’s work and I would definitely love to own more of their tees in the future. There are plenty of designs to choose from in the Regal Clothing Co. online shop, so be sure to take a look around and pick up some tees for yourself. I give Regal Clothing two thumbs up!

A couple of weeks ago, I made my first purchase at 410 BC. A large portion of 410 BC’s designs deal with mythology, which is something that isn’t often seen in other shirt companies that I have encountered. I had been eying their web store for quite some time, and since there was a sale, I asked myself “Why not?”

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