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One of my favorite online shops to frequent for designer toys is Neon Monster. They always have a great selection and the latest releases, so it’s no wonder that they’re one of the top online toy spots. I’m not here to talk about toys, though. It is Loving This Tee, after all.

Neon Monster has recently released a new t-shirt design featuring their original character, called “Dissected Mitch.” The design has a neat Kaiju feel to it, reminiscent of Godzilla and other giant Japanese monsters. You probably can’t see the details, but I absolutely love that one of the lines points to a “solid-state chicken holster.”

Mitch, Neon Monster, vinyl, kaijuClose up:

Kaiju, Neon Monster, vinyl, toyThis is definitely one neat t-shirt, so if you want to represent the toy world as well as the tee world, here’s a perfect piece for your collection. You can purchase “Dissected Mitch” at Neon Monster for $20! I highly recommend that you pick up some new toys to go with it, too.

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