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One of my favorite tees at this moment is “Get A Job” from Tilteed. I spent most of my money on cup noodles this summer when I stayed at college to do research, so it’s fitting that I wear a shirt that shows my love for these microwavable meals. Although I had a job, it was unpaid, so this shirt speaks to me even more.

Within the past few months, Tilteed has become one of my favorite t-shirt sites. Many of the designs that have been printed so far are fantastic, but what has reeled me in is the incredible print job. As a company that does all of its screen printing, I am blown away by the quality. All of the Tilteed designs are printed on American Apparel shirts, so you cane be sure that you’re purchasing high-quality tees.

In comparison with the mock-up, the ink colors are spot-on and the details are well-printed. Although many of the details within “Get A Job” are somewhat minimal and only require that a color be absent, they are still well-defined when you look closely at the shirt. The print area is a bit smaller than as shown in the mock-up, but the graphics still take up a good portion of the tee.

In terms of ink quality, the print feels light and smooth. The ink is neither thick nor clumpy, and there have been no signs of cracking or fading with several washes. With such a large print size, it’s crucial that the print is flexible and somewhat soft. “Get A Job” definitely delivers on both counts. I enjoy wearing this t-shirt and the shirt rests well on the body.

Since this is one of my favorite shirts of all time, I would highly recommend that you pick it up! You can purchase “Get A Job” at Tilteed for $18 and score some free shipping with the coupon code “LovingThisTee.” Be sure to check out their other tees too! New tees are released every Tuesday and are on sale for the small price of $12 until the next new design is up for sale.

Today’s the big day for Tilteed ! Tilteed has just officially launched with two wonderful designs. The first place prize of $3500 went to rawroutloud (Ray Masaki) for “Get A Job,” and the second place prize of $1500 went to a.mar.illo (Sven Palmowski) for “Expansion.” Both of these designs deserved it! They were definitely high up on my list. Congratulations! Continue to the end of the post for a special contest to celebrate this fantastic launch.

Printed on a turquoise American Apparel tee, “Get A Job” is a great autobiographical piece. According to Ray, “instead of looking for a job this summer, [he] spent a lot of my time doing random stuff and eating cup noodles.” Although I had a job this summer, I can definitely relate because I devoured many containers of cup noodles within the past few months. The color combination is stellar and I cannot wait to get my hands on this tee!

As for “Expansion,”  a.mar.illo depicts a world that has quickly formed. The illustration is extremely detailed and I love just how intense his world is. There are numerous skyscrapers and this tee shows just how intricate and busy the world is. a.mar.illo has selected a great combination by making this a black and white design because a world so complex needs some simplicity to balance it out. I absolutely wouldn’t mind getting my hands on this shirt either!

You can pick up “Get a Job” and “Expansion” for $12 (free shipping with code LovingThisTee) for the next 3 days. If you would like to see how Tilteed tees look and feel, check out my last post where I review Dale Edwin Murray’s “Bombs Away!


As a way to celebrate the official launch, Loving This Tee has partnered up with Tilteed to bring you a contest that will get one lucky participant the two winning launch contest designs. How cool is that? All you need to do are the two following things:

1. Sign up for an account at Tilteed


2. Come back to this Loving This Tee page to post your profile link along with finishing this sentence: “Loving This Tee needs to give me Tilteed tees because…

This contest will go on until 11:59pm EST on Wednesday, August 5th, 2009. I will be announcing the winner the following morning. Make sure your e-mail address is somehow linked to your comment, so that I can contact you if you’re the winner! I look forward to reading all of your creative reasons. Good luck!


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