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The Fall 2010 collection is now available at Rise and Resist (randr), and I am loving several of the designs! One of these designs is called “1979” and it’s just absolutely beautiful. I love the abstract shapes in this illustration, since they make this pin-up girl look like some kind of goddess. This design is available on both lime and white, and there’s also a tank version.

Another design that I am a fan of is called “Glyph.” This one’s much different and a lot simpler, but it’s an interesting take on the brand name. I also love that it’s a v-neck!

Both of these t-shirts are priced at $25. Be sure to check out the full Fall 2010 line over at the randr shop!

This new tee from Rise and Resist Apparel (randr) is so awesome! “Blob” is a tee with, you guessed it, a blob. This one’s full of eyeballs and has a pair of mouths. Created by Atomic Child, this piece is drawn in a style that doesn’t freak me out like a real-life blob of this type would. It looks like it could be a cartoon character seen on television, and I love that! This tee is up for sale at randr for $20, but you can take $5 off with the code RANDRJKT84 until next Tuesday (11/24)!

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