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I’m happy to say that I have some sweet new products to review over the next few weeks. The first product I will be reviewing is a shirt from ParrotGhost, a company based in Scotland.

I honestly wasn’t sure of what to expect from this company, but to my surprise, the packaging was very professional! Everything had a nice ParrotGhost touch, and all of the package contents were branded with the ParrotGhost logo, including the little Lego man.

The shirt that I received is called “Poor Tin Soldier,” and it is probably my favorite design from the ParrotGhost shop. I haven’t quite figured out what’s happening in the design, but from what I’ve gathered is that this poor robot has been shot and is leaking a golden substance. I’m going to pretend that his blood is beer, just because that makes the design that much more amusing. Read the rest of this entry »

Parrotghost just recently relaunched their website, and with this relaunch comes a sweet offer. What’s the offer, you ask? When you buy a Parrotghost t-shirt from now until July 4th, you will get a free shirt with your order! The shirts are £25.00.

Here are my favorites from the shop:

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