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OMUNKY recently released a new t-shirt, titled “Nocturnal Naptime.” Right off the bat, I love this because it features one of my favorite animals seen on t-shirts, owls. Seriously, I don’t know what it is about them, but they make great subjects for tee illustrations. Another reason why I like “Nocturnal Naptime” so much is because people think I’m a night owl, but I’m really not. I just stay up late despite my body telling me to get some rest. Sometimes I set out to get some work done, only to wake up around 4AM with no recollection of ever passing out. At least I don’t have to cover up my sleepiness like this owl does. It’s his job to stay awake at night, since he sleeps all day long!

owl, OMUNKYYou can purchase “Nocturnal Naptime” at OMUNKY for $22, and 5% of the sale will be donated to WildAid. If you use the coupon code LOVINGTHISTEE, you can also save 15% off your entire order. Sweet, right?

I’m happy to say that I have some sweet new products to review over the next few weeks. The first product I will be reviewing is a shirt from ParrotGhost, a company based in Scotland.

I honestly wasn’t sure of what to expect from this company, but to my surprise, the packaging was very professional! Everything had a nice ParrotGhost touch, and all of the package contents were branded with the ParrotGhost logo, including the little Lego man.

The shirt that I received is called “Poor Tin Soldier,” and it is probably my favorite design from the ParrotGhost shop. I haven’t quite figured out what’s happening in the design, but from what I’ve gathered is that this poor robot has been shot and is leaking a golden substance. I’m going to pretend that his blood is beer, just because that makes the design that much more amusing. Read the rest of this entry »

Today, OMUNKY is celebrating its one year anniversary. Happy first birthday, OMUNKY!

To celebrate, OMUNKY has a special coupon code for us! Use the code “ONE” at checkout to take 20% off your order.

Here’s an awesome new organic t-shirt called “Spots and Shades” that you can purchase with the discount:

Giraffes are awesome, and they’re even cooler when they’re rocking sunglasses. You can pick this up for $22 before using the coupon. 5% of your purchase will also be donated to WildAid because OMUNKY is cool like that.

Last week, I received a sweet little package from Rick at OMUNKY. Its contents? The latest OMUNKY design, “Tiger Turmoil” plus some stickers! Needless to say, I was ecstatic to start off the Year of the Tiger with a hilarious tiger tee. I may have already said it in some earlier post, but let me reiterate that I’m a huge fan of wild cats. Huge fan!

I haven’t gotten the chance to wear this shirt out and about yet, but I already got some compliments when I first took it out of the package. I did, however, wash it and now it is ready to be reviewed here at Loving This Tee. Read the rest of this entry »

To start off 2010 on the right foot, OMUNKY has released a new design titled “MUNKY-view.” Through the month of January, 5% of all sales from this design will be donated to WildAid. How awesome is that??

Munky-view” comments on how technology can have poor effects on us. Choosing to watch television instead of going to play with friends? Come on, little monkey! Turn off that TV set and go frolic with your buddies! I know you’re not even watching anything good, because all I see is a blank screen! I guess I can see how we humans can relate, though… For instance, if I ever have the TV on at school, I’m usually watching horrible reality shows. It sure beats going outside in the cold! Do you think that this little guy’s watching some Jersey Shore? The Real World? I surely hope that my speculations are far from being correct!

If you’re loving this tee, make sure to head on over to OMUNKY to pick it up for $20. Also, don’t forget to use the code “LOVINGTHISTEE” to take 15% off of your entire order.

Have you been searching for environment-related tees that are fashionable, yet thought provoking? Look no further because Ban T-shirts offers environmental tees that fit the criteria! From recycling to genetically modified organisms, Ban T-shirts has designs covering a wide range of today’s hot environmental issues. While some of the shirts in this category are printed on American Apparel, a good amount of them are printed on 100% organic Royal Apparel blanks.

Just a few days ago, Ban T-shirts sent me a copy of “There Is No Planet B.” With a short and succinct message, this tee states what many of us fail to think about on a regular basis. We all have a Plan B when things don’t exactly go as planned, but we only have one Earth to live on. The simple black and white color scheme helps to drive the message home because this isn’t a complicated statement to understand.

Printed on Royal Apparel, this tee feels just as soft as an American Apparel tee. I felt both brands of shirts and was unable to detect a noticeable difference. With this tee, you can feel good wearing domestically grown organic cotton and also get the fit of a fashion-cut tee! Who says you can’t look great while being environmentally friendly?

The print quality is superb, and the ink feels nice and smooth. It has a slight rubbery feel to it and is not rough and grainy like some other inks tend to be. The layer of ink is fairly thin and will not prevent the shirt from moving with the contours of your body. After a wash, neither the tee nor the ink faded in any way, and “There Is No Planet B” seems like it will last a long time. That’s definitely a plus if you want to continue promoting being environmentally conscious.

If you like what you see here, please check out the environmental t-shirt section at Ban T-shirts to pick up “There Is No Planet B” or find a message that you support!  You can purchase this tee for $18.50 plus shipping. For every t-shirt that you buy from Ban T-shirts, environmental or not, a tree will get planted (see details here)!

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