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Mathiole and bisparulz take the cake for the coolest monster formed by little monsters! “Ultimate Midnight Monster!” is today’s Shirt of the Day at Design By Humans, and it is a well-deserved win. While the composition is already awesome, the colors are what bring this design to life. Although he’s a gigantic monster, you can’t help but find him lovable. Just look at all those little smiling faces!

You can purchase “Ultimate Midnight Monster!” for $24 at Design By Humans. I’m considering picking up this tee myself!


This tee titled “Pop’s Adventure,”brought to you by Monster Pop Apparel, is quite fun to look at! What’s this portly monster doing in outer space? And why is Pop’s right hand gone? By the looks of it, he’s on one serious mission. Let’s just hope that the rocket contains enough fuel to get him wherever he needs to go! Otherwise, I’m not sure how swimming in space will work with one hand and no legs.

You can purchase “Pop’s Adventure” for $20 at Monster Pop. It’s also available in two other colorways (black and cranberry), but supplies are extra limited. If your size is still available, I suggest that you pick up your favorite now!

This new tee from Rise and Resist Apparel (randr) is so awesome! “Blob” is a tee with, you guessed it, a blob. This one’s full of eyeballs and has a pair of mouths. Created by Atomic Child, this piece is drawn in a style that doesn’t freak me out like a real-life blob of this type would. It looks like it could be a cartoon character seen on television, and I love that! This tee is up for sale at randr for $20, but you can take $5 off with the code RANDRJKT84 until next Tuesday (11/24)!

Today marks the launch of Cherry Sauce, a new clothing company whose mission it is to bring back fun with their quirky and colorful designs. There are many designs that I love, and one of them is “Jasonosaurus.” I absolutely love the illustration style that this design has to offer. It’s lighthearted and definitely fun! I admire the creativity that Cherry Sauce has put into their tee descriptions. It’s wonderful seeing a little story behind the visuals. The description of “Jasonosaurus” says, “Jason, in a fit of rage, stole a dinosaur suit and drank so many energy drinks that he changed into a city-destroying monster.” Just watch Jason go as he destroys the town on his energy drink high. This reminds me of the Rugrats and their toy Reptar. It doesn’t get more fun than that!

$25 at Cherry Sauce, available in unisex XS-XL

It is always a pleasure to see many members of the t-shirt community come together to produce one massive collaboration design.  Over 35 individuals participated in the making of Teefury’s “Monster Collab”, and Jimi (a.k.a. jimiyo) was kind enough to arrange everyone’s creatures into a cohesive design. The design is printed on a navy blue Alstyle tee, which is a comfortable brand based on prior experiences. Everyone’s monster looks fantastic, and this shirt is just plain fun!

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