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Bunker Designs is a company based in Costa Rica that is entering into the world of t-shirt competition sites. Because it is pre-launching tomorrow (February 28), I’d like to welcome Bunker Designs to the t-shirt community with a review of one of its very first tees! The pre-launch designs are not competition winners, but have been illustrated by one of the staff members, Tony Aguero. You may be familiar with this name, as Tony has printed with many t-shirt sites including Threadless, Teefury, and Design by Humans. Bunker Designs hopes to be seen as more of a community than just an online store, and there will be many ways for community members to participate with the addition of features like blogs and interviews.

Crime Syndicate” is one of the four fresh tees designed by Tony Aguero from Bunker Designs, and it is my favorite in this initial line. The design features a conspicuous man with a bunch of different weapons. At first I didn’t realize this, but the word “mob” appears in the design in large letters. Also, at the bottom of the design, it defines this as “An organized gang of criminals; a crime syndicate.” I personally think that this is a lovely addition to the piece. Read the rest of this entry »

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