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Miles To Go launched their Fall line today with 9 new pieces! They have some pretty incredible t-shirts in this drop, with my favorites being “Moby Dick” and “Life of Pi/Richard Parker.” These two designs are inspired by very popular novels, but they can definitely stand alone without any knowledge of the books. Such beautiful illustrations!

Be sure to check out the Miles To Go shop for the full line! You can purchase the new tees for $22.99.

Just last week, Miles To Go released some hot new tees. While I wasn’t a big fan of their older designs, I’m definitely loving many of the new shirts in the spring line! There are plenty of designs in different colorways, so I thought I’d just give you a taste by showing you my absolute favorites.

My favorite tee in the new batch is called “Master & Margarita,” and I especially love it on the coffee-colored tee. It’s inspired by a Russian novel that I’m unfamiliar with, but with just the design in mind, I think that this piece is absolutely beautiful. I also get hints of cuteness from the cat, but I have a feeling that it’s actually evil.

Another favorite of mine is called “The Invisible Man.” The illustration is incredible, and I think that this design also looks fabulous on a coffee tee. Both of these designs are printed on American Apparel Tri-Blend (for the brown versions, at least), so you can expect one of the softest shirts EVER.

Head over to Miles To Go to checkout their spring line and pick up some awesome threads! All of the new t-shirts are $21.99.

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