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After much anticipation, 2012 Threads has opened its doors, and let me say that the launch does not disappoint! With amazing designs from artists including Collision Theory and Quaker Ninja, 2012 Threads is a company whose designs are inspired by the Mayan speculations on the year 2012. All of the designs have a Mayan art feel, and some reflect the doomsday vision that the year is predicted to bring. One of my favorite designs in the new line is titled “Galactic Alignment.” The sky is falling over a Mayan temple in this beautiful piece by Collision Theory. With a great composition and wonderful color selections, it truly appears as though the world is ending within this illustration. This oversized print looks amazing in the product pictures, and I am completely in love with this tee. Take a look around the 2012 Threads shop and get your hands on “Galactic Alignment” along with other amazing designs before it’s too late!

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