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Since October 13, Trung at Loyal K.N.G. has made a pledge to donate 50% of the brand’s profits to charity: water until the end of 2010. As if that weren’t enough, Trung is now celebrating his 22nd birthday by doing even more. From now until October 31,  you will be eligible to receive a Loyal K.N.G. item equivalent to the amount that you donate to charity: water. For example, if you donate $20 to this great cause, Loyal K.N.G. will send you a shirt of your choosing that’s priced at $20. All that you need to do is follow the steps found here.

I’m really loving the new designs at Loyal K.N.G.! Each of their latest designs are available in three different colorways, so you have the option to pick up your absolute favorites. First off, it was such a throwback to see Heathcliff, The Brain, and Casper in this line! I didn’t even know that many people knew about Heathcliff, so I was happily surprised to see him at Loyal K.N.G. Along with these three awesome cartoon designs, Loyal K.N.G. also released a new version of their “Brain Freeze” design. This time, it’s just a one-color print, but guess what? It glows in the dark! So whenever the lights unexpectedly go out, people will see that you’re prepared to deal with the darkness in style.

My favorites colorways are the purple “Inverted Brain Freeze“, heather “Craving KNWLDGE?“, aqua “Ghostly DOOM!“, and purple “Got Brain?” I’d definitely rock these tees on a regular basis, especially the “Inverted Brain Freeze” and “Craving KNWLDGE?” tees. They’re awesome!

You can pick up these shirts at Loyal K.N.G. for $30 each. Which designs do you like?

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