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I’ve seen a lot of designs involving koi fish, but none of them have been nearly as amazing as “Koi Twins!” sold at Tilteed. The size of the print is enough to catch your attention, but the details are what make this piece incredible. The colors are bright and perfect for showing how beautiful real koi are. As an added touch of individuality, Adam Vaudin placed symbols on the pair’s heads. These fish must not be nice and peaceful like the other koi, as they bear a three-eyed smiley face and a skull on their respective foreheads. I wonder what it all means! I love the simple strokes and touches of color used to resemble water in the background. This may be my first koi shirt, and it can be yours too for only $12 if you pre-order before 12pm PDT tomorrow (August 19). As always, you can get free shipping by using the code “LovingThisTee”!

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