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Miles To Go launched their Fall line today with 9 new pieces! They have some pretty incredible t-shirts in this drop, with my favorites being “Moby Dick” and “Life of Pi/Richard Parker.” These two designs are inspired by very popular novels, but they can definitely stand alone without any knowledge of the books. Such beautiful illustrations!

Be sure to check out the Miles To Go shop for the full line! You can purchase the new tees for $22.99.

Vicious History is not only a catchy name but also a company that sells some pretty sweet tees. The store just launched this year and the line is looking rather promising so far. My favorite shirt from the shop is a piece designed by Keaton Henson titled “General Mutton.” I don’t know what he has accomplished, but General Mutton looks like a very respectable man. The small red tattoos on his face and hands make this an even more interesting piece. I also really like how the Vicious History logo is a part of General Mutton’s attire and how the brand name is placed in an unconventional location.

If you’re a fan of “General Mutton,” be sure to head over to Vicious History to purchase this brave companion for $20.

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