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I don’t see many t-shirt designs by J3Concepts these days, but when I do, I’m often elated! “Think Positive” is available at LTDTEE for about two and a half more days from the time this is posted, and I couldn’t be happier with the design. The piece is very minimal and just one color, something that I don’t expect from J3Concepts after seeing many of his previous t-shirt designs. Despite such a contrast with his other pieces, I love what I’m seeing. The design is simple and so is the message that it’s trying to get across, so the two go hand in hand quite nicely.

You can purchase “Think Positive” at LTDTee for $26.99 before using the coupon code smile for 10% off. The t-shirt also comes with a signed 8″ x 10″ print of the design and a custom box.

Do you recall the days when hearing the sounds of an ice cream truck rolling into your neighborhood elicited a reflex to bolt outside with a smile plastered on your face? It’s summer and there’s nothing better than a tee that brings back those good memories. This week’s new tee lineup at Threadless includes a great summer tee that I will definitely be purchasing. “Super Mega Fun” by J3Concepts is a lovely design full of happiness and smiling faces. There are many little characters on this tee, and one of my favorites is the apple = sad face found by the front tire. The tee color choice is also perfect, and mint is a color that I do not have in my closet (how I let this happen I’ll never know). Get yours today and enjoy the summer in style!

$18 at Threadless
Available in Guys S-3XL, Girly S-2XL, and Kids (baby blue AA tee) sizes 2-8

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