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Hamburger Disco, Hamburger Disco, Hamburger Disco! What a fun brand name to say! The folks over at Hamburger Disco have just released some new tees, including one that’s out just in time for Halloween. “Freaky Friday,” available in both men’s and women’s versions, shows a hamburger-headed chef bringing out a plate with a human head cooked to perfection. Since there is blood around the chef’s neck, I’m wondering if he somehow managed to chop off his own head, only to replace it with a nice, juicy burger. Either that or hamburgers are a human-like species of their own in the world of Hamburger Disco! I love the style of the illustration and its large size on the tee. This makes for a wonderful, non-gruesome shirt that everyone can wear on Halloween and year-round. Head over to the Hamburger Disco store to pick up “Freaky Friday” for $24, and be sure check out their other refreshing designs!

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