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Every year, Johnny Cupcakes releases Halloween-themed designs along with special t-shirts just for the There’s Something in the Cupcake Mix event. While we can’t see the limited edition TSITCM designs yet, here’s an early look at the new shirts dropping this week. I’m really liking all of them!

big kid, Michael Myers, Halloween, Johnny Cupcakes

Johnny Cupcakes, pumpkin, Halloween, logo

werewolf, Halloween, Johnny Cupcakes

Skeleton, Halloween, skull, Johnny Cupcakes

clown, Halloween, Johnny CupcakesAnd here’s the flyer for the special events happening in a little over a week:

Be sure to head over to the Johnny Cupcakes shop to pick up some sweet new Halloween t-shirts! And if you’re in the Boston or L.A. area, the There’s Something in the Cupcake Mix event is not something you want to miss out on!

I normally only write about tees, but these 8-Bit Zombie hats are too cool to not write about. These trucker hats are unique in that the bottom of their bills have been printed on with some neat designs. I’ve never seen anything like this before learning about this shop, and I would rock all of the hats from this store if I could!

After every holiday comes a fantastic sale, and 8-Bit Zombie has their Jack-O-Lantern hats on sale now for $6.50 a pop. Unfortunately, there are only 3 colorways left for these caps, but this is definitely still a great deal! You can still pick up this hat in neon orange, dark orange, and yellow.

Check out the 8-Bit Zombie shop to see all of the available styles and colorways. What are your thoughts on 8-Bit Zombie’s thrash caps?

Hamburger Disco, Hamburger Disco, Hamburger Disco! What a fun brand name to say! The folks over at Hamburger Disco have just released some new tees, including one that’s out just in time for Halloween. “Freaky Friday,” available in both men’s and women’s versions, shows a hamburger-headed chef bringing out a plate with a human head cooked to perfection. Since there is blood around the chef’s neck, I’m wondering if he somehow managed to chop off his own head, only to replace it with a nice, juicy burger. Either that or hamburgers are a human-like species of their own in the world of Hamburger Disco! I love the style of the illustration and its large size on the tee. This makes for a wonderful, non-gruesome shirt that everyone can wear on Halloween and year-round. Head over to the Hamburger Disco store to pick up “Freaky Friday” for $24, and be sure check out their other refreshing designs!

For one day only, Threadless has slashed the prices of its Halloween-related tees down to $10! Hurry, because this deal only lasts until tomorrow morning! Which tees will you pick up for this festive holiday?

I Came From Nothing has just released a new tee just in time for Halloween 2009! Designed by Matthew Skiff, “Headless” features the Headless Horseman from Washington Irving’s short story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” There are two different versions of this design: one version features a smaller, more subtle logo, and the other contains a much more visible brand name. The large logo tees are extra limited, so make sure to pick one up right away if you prefer them over the small logo tees! You can purchase “Headless” for £20 at I Came From Nothing, and UK residents will also get free shipping. Check out the other sweet designs while you’re browsing the shop, too!

Regular Version

Limited Edition Large Logo Version

Limited Edition Version

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