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Do you think that you’re weird and are proud of it? If you answered yes, you can now celebrate your individuality with a hot new tee! SEIBEI has just released a shirt designed by Greg Abbott, titled “FOREVER WEIRD.” Being a fan of Greg’s work, I am quite impressed with how he has created a piece that is quite different from his usual designs. With each monster sharing a resemblance with the famous Sandwich Dinosaur, this design fits perfectly into the SEIBEI line.  I love how the message is the main focus of the tee and that the monsters are lurking in the background. I also love that this design is printed on heather black, a color that is not often seen in the indie t-shirt world. I give it two thumbs up!

Have fun being forever weird and pick up this tee at SEIBEI today! You can also use the code “LTT” to take 10% off your purchase.


If you’ve been around t-shirt competition sites or have been surfing on Emptees, then you most likely have heard of t-shirt designer Tom Neal. Last night was a big night for Tom, as he launched Ctrl Alt Defeat, a company that sells one limited t-shirt at a time. To kick things off, Ctrl Alt Defeat is offering “Remote” by artist Greg Abbott who is known for his whimsical characters and fun color choices. I dig the artwork, although I am curious as to why this little piece of technology looks so distraught. I hope that nothing’s burning down!

At Ctrl Alt Defeat, when one tee sells out, another is put up for sale. This results in a variable schedule for new shirts, so we’ll never know exactly when a new design will go on the site. I suppose that this keeps the excitement alive, but I hope that each shirt doesn’t take too long to sell out so that I can keep coming back for more. I hope to see more wonderful designs in the future. Pick up “Remote” at Ctrl Alt Defeat for £14.99 and keep your eyes peeled for the next tee!

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