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To all the Alice in Wonderland fans out there, you’ll be happy to hear that Design Kins has their Cheshire Cat tribute on sale for only $10! There is no definite end date on this marvelous sale, since it will end when the design is completely sold out.

So if you really love “Lose Something?” then I would suggest that you head over to Design Kins to pick it up ASAP before your size runs out! Oh, and did I mention that this print glows in the dark?

Wow, so many new lines have launched this week! Fur Face Boy has just released Series 2 of its collection less than an hour ago. The line contains a lot of colorful and fun pieces, and there is even a tee printed with glow-in-the-dark ink! I’m a sucker for wearing glowing tees, even though the only person who ever sees them in action is me. The FFB tee that has this awesome ability to illuminate in the dark is “FFB Typeface 2.

As I said before, this line features many colorful tees and one of my favorites is “FFB Pattern.” Purple and teal truly is an amazing color combination, and I can’t help but love seeing these two colors together!

My most favorite tee out of this new line is “Bearmaibrick.” This design, inspired by the popular Be@rbrick collectible toys, features the owner’s dog Bear Mai in vinyl toy form. I wouldn’t mind finding one of these in an actual blindbox!

There are a total of 13 new designs, 12 of which are made available in both men’s and women’s sizes. Where did the 13th tee go, you ask? One design was made exclusively for the ladies who love FFB! If you’re curious, you’ll just have to check out the Fur Face Boy shop to see what I’m talking about. Each of these new shirts will cost you $32, and you can also pick up Series 1 tees on sale for $19.99. Shipping is a flat rate of $6 in the U.S.

The Threadless Back 2 Cool Sale is here! From now until August 17th, everything at Threadless is on sale and tees are priced starting at $8! Along with great prices, Threadless has also released some amazing new tees this week. One of my favorites is “LightSaver” by Matthijs Smit. This design is a fresh take on the Star Wars lightsaber and much more eco-friendly! Printed with glow-in-the-dark ink, “LightSaver” will not only catches attention in the daytime, but it will also glow brightly if the power decides to fail. Pick up this fantastic take on a classic weapon today!

$15 at Threadless, available in Guys S-3XL and Girly S-2XL

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