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Today, OMUNKY is celebrating its one year anniversary. Happy first birthday, OMUNKY!

To celebrate, OMUNKY has a special coupon code for us! Use the code “ONE” at checkout to take 20% off your order.

Here’s an awesome new organic t-shirt called “Spots and Shades” that you can purchase with the discount:

Giraffes are awesome, and they’re even cooler when they’re rocking sunglasses. You can pick this up for $22 before using the coupon. 5% of your purchase will also be donated to WildAid because OMUNKY is cool like that.

I was pleasantly surprised to see this new Tilteed Limited piece by Oiseau because it’s a step away from his more prominent skull and skeleton themed t-shirt designs. I’m not a big fan of skulls, but I’m definitely a huge fan of wild animals like giraffes, so this design gets two thumbs up from me! I am also drawn in by the mixed perspectives of “Wild Architecture.” It takes your eyes on quite a ride!

Here’s a more detailed image of the illustration:

If you like what you see, then be sure to head over to Tilteed to pick up “Wild Architecture” for $12 before it disappears for good in less than 2 days. Use the code “LovingThisTee” at checkout to take $2 off.

After a complete site renovation, Thriving Ink is not only easier to navigate, but the tee designs are getting even better! Shortly after the redesign, Thriving Ink released a sweet t-shirt featuring a design by Pale Horse, titled “Dead Geisha.” They even printed this design on hoodies, which was a first for Thriving Ink. Thriving ink plans to release 30+ more new tees, and I am quite excited!

Yesterday, two designs by Cory Bardwell were released. One of these designs is titled “Save Africa” and it gives us one great reason to do as the title says. Bardwell simply states, “Save Africa because giraffes are sweet.” That’s convincing enough for me. Who doesn’t love giraffes?

Check out the new Thriving Ink storefront and pick up some amazing new products! Be sure to keep checking back at the site as Thriving Ink continues to add new inventory (remember that there are 30+  items to come!).

Do you like going to the zoo or simply love wild animals? If so, you may enjoy what Zooshirts has to offer. Zooshirts is a company that is dedicated to promoting animal and global conservation. They donate 10% of their sales to organizations that support wildlife, so you can feel good about helping out the earth in some way with your purchase. “Giraffe Tee” is one of my favorites. I love how the name of the animal is printed on the front while the actual animal is printed on the back.  Zooshirts also offers other animal tees including pandas, flamingos, and zebras. Head on over to Zooshirts today to pick up a giraffe tee or a shirt with your favorite zoo animal!

$18 at Zooshirts

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