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Do you like elephants? I like elephants. They’re kind of scary up close because they’re so massive, but they’re pretty cool creatures. I remember when I got to ride on one during one of my trips to Thailand. It was such a fun experience!

elephant, Proboscidea, Tilteed, Jared Stumpenhorst, stumpyhorseTilteed has a Limited design by Jared Stumpenhorst (stumpyhorse) right now with none other than, you guessed it, an elephant! You can get your copy of “Proboscidea” for $10 (after using the coupon code LovingThisTee), but act fast because it’ll be gone at Noon PDT tomorrow (October 23)!

So I was trying to decide what tee to feature in this post, but I simply couldn’t pick just one. I love them all! Regan Smith Clarke is a company based in Boston that launched a week ago on March 1 with four shirts, and I personally think that this first line is just right. From the colors to the design variety, Regan Smith Clarke has me saying “Oh yeah!” like the Kool-Aid man. Along with tees of each design, there are also affordable prints that you can hang in your room or office. All of the shirts are $20, and you will get free domestic shipping with any purchase over $12. Sweet deal, huh?

Here are the designs available for purchase at Regan Smith Clarke. Which are your favorites?

Check out the Regan Smith Clarke shop to see more fun items!

I love elephants in tee designs. Real ones are neat too, don’t get me wrong. I am just a little frightened by them since they’re so gigantic! Anyways, today’s featured tee at Teextile by biotwist features a whole bunch of elephants in all directions. My favorite elephant in the herd is the one rockin’ the shades. What’s not to love about it? I also have a hunch that the pink elephant may have had a little too much jungle juice, if you know what I mean. Pick up “Word to Tha’ Herd” for $12 until midnight Eastern Time, and $15 for the rest of the week. If you voted for this design, shipping is free!

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