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Casserole typhoons in the wintertime. Lakes jumping through the canopy jars.

I’ve spent more time trying to interpret this piece since the day it went up on Tilteed, but as you can see, I’m still rather unsuccessful. Nonetheless, the lack of a proper interpretation shouldn’t stop you from feasting your eyes on this marvelous piece by zackOlantern called “The Twilight Rider.”

Here’s a closer look at the colorful illustration:

As of this moment, you only have a little over 18 and a half hours left to pick up “The Twilight Rider” at Tilteed! Plus, you know you could always use more eggplant colored t-shirts in your life. It’s $12, and you can save $2 with the code “LovingThisTee.”

I love street art and absolutely adore urban vinyl toys. Both street artists and custom toy artists often utilize spray paint to create their masterpieces, so I was delighted to find a design that represented both of these areas in a fresh t-shirt design. When I first saw this illustration by Kristian Hay of Validus Apparel, I simply knew that I wanted to see it printed. “Spray Painter” features a happy can of blue spray paint that’s ready to get started on a new project. It looks like he had a minor accident over his left eye (hence the eye patch), but I can tell that he’s definitely excited to create some wonderful artwork despite this visual impairment. The can also has the letter “t” on it that can represent a ton of different things: toys, tagging, trendy, or even Tilteed. Oh, the possibilities are simply endless. It could even stand for your name if your name starts with a “T”! Plus, you know that your closet can use more eggplant tees to spice things up!

Spray Painter” is now on sale at Tilteed and can be yours for just $12! This tee will only be available for 72 hours so act fast if you like what you see! As always, you can also use the code “LovingThisTee” to take $2 off.

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