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Wotto’s back with a new limited edition doodle design only available at Tilteed for 72 hours! “Monsterous” is a sweet collection of monsters, each with a personality of their own. And if the fun monsters weren’t enough, there’s a vibrant color palette to boot!

monsters, Tilteed, Wotto, doodlePick up your copy of “Monsterous” at Tilteed for just $12 before it’s gone forever (save $2 by using the coupon code LovingThisTee). Don’t be the only one without monsters in your closet!

Yellow Bellied Bastard” is the fantastic new Limited design available at Tilteed. Wotto is definitely the king of doodle tees, and “Yellow Bellied Bastard” does not disappoint. If you loved last year’s bestselling “Guilty Pleasures,” then you’re definitely going to dig this new follow-up design!

Here’s a closer look at the illustration:

As a bonus for purchasing this tee, Tilteed is running a contest in which everyone who buys “Yellow Bellied Bastard” will be entered to win one of Wotto’s original 8″ x 8″ paintings (valued at $100). The winner will get to select one painting from any of the available works from Wotto’s 100 Paintings Project. How incredible is that? This contest blows my mind! And just to give you an example of the paintings, here are a few:

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Tilteed and pick up “Yellow Bellied Bastard” for just $12 before it disappears into the archive tomorrow afternoon. Make sure to use the coupon code “LovingThisTee” at checkout to save $2 on your order.

Do you recall drawing the “S” thing back in your younger years? I just remember drawing them non-stop back in middle school. Big ones, little ones, backwards ones, 3-D ones, you name it! Did I know what I was doodling? Nope! I just thought that it looked cool.

Sometime last week, I joined a Facebook fan page dedicated to this “S” thing (if you want to be a fan, it’s called That “S” thing we all drew in elementary school). Little did I know that there would be a t-shirt with this blast from the past. The S Thing site just launched, and you can purchase this tee for only $10! I love that it includes other little doodles along with these “S” things.

Head on over to The S Thing to pick up your copy of the tee today! These shirts are printed on Tultex and will only be available for a limited time. I think that I’ll have to snatch one up. It makes me miss my childhood!

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