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So it looks like Design By Humans is having yet another sale, this time its End of Summer Sale. What does this mean for you? Tons and tons of $15 t-shirts! I don’t know when their next sale will be, so if you have some recent favorites or missed out on the last big sale, now’s your time to buy some shirts.

Here are some of my recent favorites for your viewing pleasure.

Knock Out and Never Tap Out” by zerobriant:

I’m not really a fan of MMA, but this design simply looks great. The bright blue color that I link to fun and general lightheartedness is juxtaposed with the image of an MMA fighter, something that I just wouldn’t normally pair together. I give it my thumbs up!

Leader of the Pack” by againstbound:

If you’ve been following Loving This Tee, then you’ll know that I simply love againstbound’s illustrations. What I love about this shirt is that 1. it’s purple and, 2. I need to take the time to wrap my head around what it all means. I doubt that I will ever jump to a solid conclusion, but that’s why it’s so exciting to see a design like this!

Apres Moi le Deluge” by mj00:

I love everything about this new piece by MJ. I also love the textures she uses in this piece, as it really gives the whole composition more depth and even more aesthetic appeal. If this ship is out for the purpose of whaling, they better think again. I think these whales are going to show them who’s boss.

Type Rider” by mrdavenport:

I’ve been waiting to see this printed for a long time, and now the day has come. It’s a great piece for the summer and for the other seasons when you’re dreaming of summer. Definitely a clever design and just an all-around beautiful piece to look at!

Now that you’ve seen my picks, go and get your favorite designs at Design By Humans today!

In case you haven’t heard about the big sale going on at Design By Humans, you’ll be happy to hear that tees are as low as $5! In this post, I will be writing about one of the $5 tees that are offered. I have admired “Memory Ln.” since it came out last year, but never got the chance to pick one up until now. With a bargain like this, I couldn’t refuse to let this tee pass me by! Designed by ste7en, “Memory Ln.” is a road map that ultimately depicts a human brain. The various streets include “College St.” and “Crush Dr.” The left sleeve also features a heart as a compass rose. If you don’t have many CMYK shirts or just love CMYK tees, this will be a wonderful addition to your closet! You can also get an additional 10% off during the sale by using the coupon code U0LER6 or UQDB6J. Don’t let this deal pass you by!

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