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Are you a fan of The Simpsons? If you are, I hope that you’ve seen the episode where Homer discovers the box of Mr. Sparkle detergent. The picture on the box that resembles Homer was actually a combination of two different logos, a fish and a light bulb. Modern Classic has created a tee called “Fish Bulb” that shows the Matsumura Fishworks logo on the front and the Tamaribuchi Heavy Manufacturing Concern logo on the back. I suppose if you spin fast enough, these two logos will merge to form Mr. Sparkle. I wouldn’t recommend trying this at home, though!

from episode In Marge We Trust

From "In Marge We Trust"

This design is available in many customizable options at Modern Classic, so pick your favorite and show the world some Mr. Sparkle love!


Strange Cargo is a Chicago-based t-shirt shop that offers a ton of customizable tees, featuring designs from a plethora of categories. The shop has been around for over 25 years and designs can be printed on short sleeve, long sleeve, ringer, baseball, and soccer tees. The shirts range between $20-$23, and there are plenty of shirt colors to choose from, with more obscure American Apparel colors such as Heather Plum and King Heather Brown. Here is one of my favorite designs, titled “Chihuahua and Lab Gossiping.”

What’s not to love about two canines enjoying a coffee date? I’m just glad that the little Chihuahua was able to find a stool that was tall enough for it to sit on! You can pick up “Chihuahua and Lab Gossiping,” along with other fully customizable tees, at Strange Cargo. Use the code “lovingthistee1” to take 25% off of your order!

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