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It’s time for yet another t-shirt review! Today I’ll be reviewing a shirt from LabCandy, a brand that launched last summer. The tee that I received is a sweet design (you see what I did there?) by Greg Abbott called “Candy Maniac.”

LabCandy, Greg AbbottThe shirt came nicely folded in a sealed orange plastic bag, which I thought was cool. I’m not a fan of clear or translucent mailers, though. Something about the way that you can see what kind of shirt lies inside the packaging makes me nervous about the parcel’s journey through shipment facilities. Nonetheless, this LabCandy tee obviously made it to me just fine! The shirt came packaged with some extra goodies: a sealed tube of blue powder candy and LabCandy pin.

LabCandy, Greg Abbott, monsterHere’s a look at the full design. Greg Abbott sure is a pro at designing lovable monsters! This poor guy had so much fun enjoying his treats that he didn’t notice the lollipops and bubblegum sticking to him until it was too late. I just hope that he doesn’t stick that gum back into his mouth once he frees himself. That would be kind of gross… Read the rest of this entry »

One of the cool people that I got to meet during my time in Portland is an artist who goes by the name diskgrunt. He creates lovable characters and makes cool silk screened wood panels and t-shirts featuring them.

sheep, diskgruntOne of the newer designs that I quite like is called “Pup and Sheep.” I’m not really about cute t-shirts, but this one’s very difficult to resist! It shows a friendly little puppy saying hello to the sheep that he has been told to watch over. Too bad for him, they’re all afraid and group together instead of befriending him.  Love it!

Pup and Sheep” is available at the diskgrunt shop for $20. There are both men’s and women’s sizes available, so pick up your copy today!

Watch out! It’s the gigantic Manteater coming to destroy us all!!!

Tilteed, Manteater, anteater, meme, Sven Palmowski, a.mar.illoOkay, so not really, but this manteater is causing some serious damage in this city. If this anteater looks a bit familiar, it may be because you’ve seen him in the popular “FU I’m an anteater” internet meme. I won’t post the picture, in case there are children reading this post, but just Google it and you will see what I’m talking about.

(M)anteater is the newest design available in the Tilteed catalog and it has become one of my new favorites now. What an awesome shirt. No, seriously. It’s very awesome. Am I right or am I right?

You can purchase (M)anteater at Tilteed for $12 on pre-order or for $18 after Noon PDT tomorrow (9/29). Save an extra $2 with the coupon code LovingThisTee.

Now I’m not a big fan of circuses, but I’ll make an exception for this tee because I’m a huge fan of dinosaurs. The end of Ladies Week at RIPT turned out to be an amazing one, with Jewelwing’s “Dino Circus” taking Friday’s slot. This lighthearted design features many dinosaurs having a great time performing all sorts of fancy tricks. This shirt makes me want to join right in, although I think I’d freak out and run away if the opportunity ever arose! Despite the fact that I’m not a fan of wearing natural/creme colored tees, I think that the color scheme that Jewelwing chose is fantastic. Pick up “Dino Circus” today before it disappears at midnight!

$10 at RIPT, available in Mens S-3XL and Womens S-XL

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