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I sometimes enjoy seeing art that throws off my perception. “Concrete Jungle” from ARKA Clothing does just that.  The buildings look warped and wonky, and the monkeys and bananas are much larger than they would be in real life. This design is drawn from all kinds of perspectives, and although it does not look like a realistic portrayal of a city intersection, it draws my attention. The skyscrapers look like they have a personality of their own, and they appear like they’re on the move even if they’re deeply rooted in the pavement. I also really want to know what those monkeys are doing there! What’s cool about ARKA Clothing tees is that they’re printed with non-toxic (non-formaldehyde)  ink. I’m definitely a fan of a company that will take that extra step.

You can pick up “Concrete Jungle” at ARKA Clothing for $34.99.

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