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Milk & Eggs Co. a company that offers an array of simplistic designs. One of my favorites from the store is “Caught Red Handed,” which shows a little person standing with his hands in the air. One of his hands is red, and he’s been caught doing something bad. Was it a cold-blooded murder or just a ketchup squirting accident? I’m just going to say that this little dude is, in fact, a young boy who only wanted a midnight snack. He just couldn’t help getting hungry after 8pm! I love the placement of the design, as it makes the room seem a lot larger and darker.

You can pick up “Caught Red Handed” at Milk & Eggs Co. and create your own version of the story! From now until August 30, you can take an additional 20% off with the coupon code “LOVTHSTEE”!


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