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As soon as I saw this new tee from Regal Clothing Co., I remembered how popular the “awkward turtle” gesture was during my freshman year of college. “The Awkward Turtle” is a tee-torial for using your hands to express the awkwardness of any given situation. If your situation is especially awkward, I would suggest doing an upside-down version with your palms facing up. This resembles an awkward turtle that’s stuck on its shell and can’t get up. I recall having seen many different variations, including a progression from to awkward turtles mating to awkward turtle babies, but that’s quite irrelevant to this post…

You can purchase “The Awkward Turtle” at Regal Clothing for £17.50. If you’re looking for a fun tee to wear into any social setting, then this is definitely a great one to pick up. There’s bound to be some awkwardness at one point or another!


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