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I hate cold weather, but what I do love about winter is that I get to wear lots and lots of layers. I love t-shirts, but hoodies and jackets are pretty great too. And if I don’t need to drive anywhere, snow is also quite beautiful (and fun to play in). Looks like Old Man Winter loves everything about winter, including the cold. Even without all the layers, he remains jolly in the freezing temperatures. I bet it’s a magical onesie that he’s wearing. Hmm, now I want one of those…

Edgar R. McHerly, Tilteed, winter

Tilteed, Edgar R. McHerly, winterCheck out Old Man Winter by Edgar R. McHerly, only at Tilteed for about 15 more hours! You can pick it up for $12, but if you use the coupon code “LovingThisTee,” you can knock $2 off that price.

The Threadless Back 2 Cool Sale is here! From now until August 17th, everything at Threadless is on sale and tees are priced starting at $8! Along with great prices, Threadless has also released some amazing new tees this week. One of my favorites is “LightSaver” by Matthijs Smit. This design is a fresh take on the Star Wars lightsaber and much more eco-friendly! Printed with glow-in-the-dark ink, “LightSaver” will not only catches attention in the daytime, but it will also glow brightly if the power decides to fail. Pick up this fantastic take on a classic weapon today!

$15 at Threadless, available in Guys S-3XL and Girly S-2XL

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